Newberry Challenge

Dear Mr. Henshaw

A couple hours ago I finished reading Dear Mr. Henshaw by Beverly Clearly for the Newberry Challenge. Dear Mr. Henshaw is basically the coming-of-age story of Leigh, a boy whose parents went through a divorce, forcing him and his mother to move to a new neighborhood. Leigh is also writing to his favorite author Mr. Henshaw and trying to figure out who is stealing his lunch every day, while dealing with his feelings about his parents and the breakup of their marriage. This is a pretty good book. Throughout the book the reader can see Leigh’s development as he comes to his own conclusion about his relationship with his dad.
Two books down and three more to go for the Newberry Challenge. I think I will start on The Time Traveler’s Wife for my summer reading and something about me challenges.
Newberry Challenge

Newberry Challenge

Before I find that hat, I better post what I’m going to read for the Newberry Challenge that I just signed up for today.

Dear Mr. Henshaw by Beverly Clearly
Missing May by Cynthis Rylant
Holes by Louis Sachar
The Tale of Despereaux by Kate Dicamillo (done)
The Higher Power of Lucky by Susan Patron
Penny from Heaven by Jennifer Holm

Alternate: The Giver by Lois Lowry

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The Tale of Despereaux

This is my newest favorite book! The Tale of Despereaux by Kate Dicamillo is a book about a mouse, a princess named Pea, a rat, and a slow-witted girl. This is such a great book. I started the book this morning only to be finished a couple of hours later. I was reading it for the Newberry challenge and also the Something about me challenge. Thanks Booklogged for suggesting it.