What I’m grateful for

What I’m grateful for

With Thanksgiving coming up, I thought today would be a great day to post about what I’m grateful for.

What I’m not grateful for:

1. The fact that I have the flu. Last week I felt like I was coming down with something and now I have it. I have two major tests coming up next week (after having one last week) and all I want to do is sleep. Instead, I’m up and studying.

2. The fact that Graphic Novels Week is a bust. Damn I had plans for this week. I’m still going to post reviews as soon as I can. At this point, NaNoBloPoMo is also a bust.

3. I’m a little ungrateful for school right now. This semester has been filled with tests. Test after test after test. I love my classes but this is getting pretty ridiculous. I’ve even had a class where the professor added an extra test.

4. My lack of reading. I haven’t finished an adult book in probably a month, which leads me to . . .

What I’m most grateful for:

1. Jen’s Thankfully Reading Weekend event. After I take my last test (of the week) on Wednesday and finish preparing our Thanksgiving meal, I can actually read! There’s so many “best of 2012” book lists that are being published, that it’s hard to keep it. My reading list is still growing! Even though my reading has been lacking, I’ve still put a few books on hold. I don’t have high expectations but I would love to read at least one book.

2.  Cooking. With the lack of reading and abundance of tests, cooking is keeping my spirits up. Yesterday I made beef stew to go with this rainy weather we’re having. Today I’m making tortilla soup for dinner and trying out a new pumpkin muffin recipe.

What are you grateful for this weekend?

Why I Vote

Why I Vote


Why I Vote is a blogging event hosted by Colleen at Chasing Ray.

Why do I vote? I vote because it’s never been a question. Growing up, my parents voted. They would watch the news and talk about the issues with each other and their friends. I turned 18 right before the 2000 presidential election. I knew I had to vote and I did.

I vote because it wasn’t so long ago that African Americans and women weren’t allowed to. Our voting history is short. I can’t turn my back on the sacrifices made so I, and many others, can have this right.

I vote to have my voice heard. I want government officials to know exactly how I feel about the state of education, civil rights, health care, and everything else I can think of.

I vote because it matters.

Why do you vote?