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Sunday Salon

Good morning! It’s early Sunday morning and the whole family’s already up and about. I have a quiet baby in my lap and a cup of coffee next to me. The sun is shining and pancakes are being made. Heaven.

Reading: // Last week, I finished my first audio book in years: The Raven King by Maggie Stiefvater. I’ve been waiting for the last installment of The Raven Boys series and Scribd has it. It was a good read, but there are still so many unanswered questions! Jenny, what did you think of it?

After The Raven King was a graphic novel about WWE wrestler Andre the Giant and the latest volume of Rat Queens. Reviews are coming up this week.

Louise Erdrich’s newest book, LaRose, is up next. This tale of loss and redemption has received a lot of positive reviews. Erdrich is one of those writers who’s been on my to-read list for years and yet I’ve still haven’t read anything by her.

Gardening: // I love my little plots at the community garden. Southern California is having some warm weather right now, so I’m there every day to water my plants and do some weeding. We’re growing carrots, tomatoes, onions, basil, beans, strawberries, fennel, corn, and bellpeppers. We’re pretty much growing whatever we can think of!

We’re newbies, so it’s been some hits and misses. Strawberry plants have died, weird mold on the peas. . .but we’re getting there.

This week: // summer vacation is here!! I’m so happy! I’m sure Avram is happy too. Now I can read as much as I can without worrying about homeschooling. I’ll share my summer reading list in a few days with you all.

As much as I love the end of the school year, I also love planning for the new school year. My older kids are both leaving public school to come back home, so I have a lot of planning ahead of me.

Now I’m off to: // have breakfast. What are you up to today?

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  1. I’m starting to hear lots of good things about LaRose. I’ve read a couple of Erdrich’s books – The Master Butcher’s Singing Club and The Beet Queen – and enjoyed both. I’m glad I have a bunch more of her work to look forward to!

    Happy summer vacation! Hope you get to enjoy lots of good pleasure reading this summer!

  2. There’s nothing better than fresh grown vegetables. Our yard doesn’t get enough light – I wonder if there’s a community garden around here?

  3. We decided to plan a garden this year. Fingers crossed it grows! I read the recent RAT QUEENS this morning. I like it, but there is something holding me back from loving it. Hopefully the feeling passes.

  4. Me! What did I think of The Raven King? I super liked it! I thought there wasn’t enough time for anyone to grieve one particular loss, and that was a shame. Otherwise I super loved it. I love-love-loved that the end of the book makes it clear they have a ton of other adventures still to come — not everything’s perfectly wrapped up. I loved that. And I loved it that Ronan quotes the Aeneid to Adam, because of course he does. Did you like it? Were you satisfied (satisfied, satisfied)?

    1. Yes you! 😀 Since I listened to it on audio, I think I’ve missed some things. I love that the gang is going to have more adventures. I wanted more Noah, especially at the end. Cabeswater, the king. . .so many questions. I plan on rereading the book now that I have a physical copy in my hands.


  5. Gardening is pretty much like that whether you’re a beginner or not. One year something eats all the zucchini blossoms, the next year the lettuce doesn’t sprout for some reason. But enough things work every year to make it fun!

  6. I started listening to The Raven Boys this week. I have a long way to go before I can read everyone’s posts! 😉
    And I would love to have a garden but I don’t have enough sun. Boo!

  7. “As much as I love the end of the school year, I also love planning for the new school year. “<–YEP! It seems so contradictory that I can be so utterly burned out from the school year, and yet so damn enthused to start get started on the next year's plans. I so love that I'm not alone on that. 🙂
    While I would never actually want to give up my beloved northern winters, I do tend to get envious of how far ahead other people's gardens are at this time of year. We never even put our seedlings into the garden until Memorial Day weekend (heck, we just had light snow a week ago). I'm really not complaining; I just need to practice more on my patience. 😉

  8. I loved the audio of Raven King! I have done almost no gardening yet –but we had hail and snow flurries only 10 days ago! Enjoy the summer off from homeschooling.

  9. I was not very successful as a gardener, alas. I hope things work out way better for you.

    Planning for the next school year is what gets me through the end of the school year, hahahaha. It’s either sad or funny. Or a combination platter.

  10. I just picked up a copy of Erdrich’s latest. I loved The Round House. If this one is half as good as that, you are in for a treat.

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