Sunday Salon

Sunday Salon

Time: // 8:28 am

The scene: // at my kitchen table, nursing a cold cup of coffee. After going to a late showing of Captain America: The Winter Soldier last night, I’ve had very little sleep.


For two weeks: // I was unable to finish a book. I would start a book, only to put it down after a few pages. Life has been chaotic and hard lately. There are so many changes coming and I’m trying to brace myself. Yesterday, I needed something fairytale like and found it with Ophelia and the Marvelous Boy, a modern-day retelling of the Snow Queen fairy tale. It was just what I needed. I finished the book in one day. Review coming soon (hopefully).

For homeschooling, I’m reading Love that Dog by Sharon Creech with my youngest. I’m also diving into A Wrinkle in Time with my middle son.

Celebrating: //my blogiversary! I’ve been blogging for seven years now. It doesn’t feel like it’s been that long. I may celebrate with a giveaway in a week or so.

Wishing: // I could stop time. I have so much to do today including homework, washing clothes, and a million other things. I need my weekend to be a little bit longer.

Promoting: // Jill’s (Rhapsody in Books) review of Annihilation by Jeff Vandermeer. Jill heard about Annihilation via Facebook, one of the few online places that I don’t see many book recommendations. What about you, do you get book recommendations on Facebook?

Now I’m off to: // start on my to-do list.

What are you up to this Sunday?

23 thoughts on “Sunday Salon

  1. I’ve been enjoying the #24in48 readathon because it’s the jump start my reading has needed. I won’t reach 24 hours, but I’m hoping for a solid 15. That’s pretty good for me lately! Hoping all the changes and things you’re juggling iron out, Natasha! Hang in there.

  2. Congratulations! As often happens, we are in sync again this weekend. Saw new Captain America film. Have a copy of Ophelia and the Marvelous Boy (along with most recent Lemony Snicket) in line for spring break the week after this one. So glad you enjoyed it! Looks so promising. And also wishing for a longer weekend. :) Happy reading!

  3. Happy Blogiversary! I’m struggling, also, with lists too long and days too short. Something about spring I think.

  4. Happy Blogoversary! I’ve just ended my crazy busy season with work. That means I now have time to catch up on all the household and personal stuff I didn’t have time for before. Thank goodness for audiobooks or I would hardly be reading at all.

  5. Happy happy bloggy birthday! And no, I never do get recommendations from Facebook. Maybe very occasionally if somebody happens to mention a book they’re loving, but usually not.

    What’d you think of Captain America 2? I am very psyched to see it this weekend.

  6. Happy Blogiversary. 7 years is great! I’ve had too much going on for much reading too. Spring must be like that. cheers.

  7. Wow seven years. Congratulations! So many things change and evolve in that amount of time. Remember when we used to commiserate about the amount/type of English books we had to read?

      1. Absolutely. Some of the worst reading I ever had to do. I love being able to read what I want.

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