February Wrap-Up and Memoir March

It’s ridiculous how fast this year is going by. I did read somewhere if there’s nothing new and different going on in your life, it seems like time is passing by fast. Do you guys think that’s true? Looking at my life, I’m not really doing anything different – yet. It’s just the usual with school for me and homeschooling for the kiddos. I need to change that.

In February I read a total of 16 books, a combination of children’s books, graphic novels, and exactly one book of fiction. Highlights include:

  • The Wizard by Jack Prelutsky (Thanks, Andi, for the recommendation.)
  • Boy, Snow, Bird by Helen Oyeyemi
  • Boxers by Gene Luen Yang
  • Malcolm Little by Ilyash Shabazz
  • Light in the Darkness by Lesa Cline-Ransome
  • Off to the Market by Elizabeth Dale
  • Mousterpiece by Jane Breskin Zalben
  • The Tree Lady by Joseph H. Hopkins
  • Aphrodite by George O’Connor

Favorite children’s book: Malcolm Little by Ilyash Shabazz. The book is about Malcolm X’s childhood. It was a sweet read though a bit sad. I expect it to win some awards next year.

Favorite adult read: Boy, Snow, Bird by Helen Oyeyemi. You can read my thoughts here.

Overall, February was a pretty good month with a lot of interesting reads especially with all the nonfiction picture books.

Looking forward

One of my goals for this year is to tackle my tbr mountain but I’ve been ignoring it. It’s so hard to read from your own stac k when there are so many shiny new library books to read.

Chris and Debi have decided that their reading theme for March will be Memoirs and I think joining in will be a good way to help me get some of my own books
read.  I haven’t made a list just yet but give me time.

What are your plans for March?


18 thoughts on “February Wrap-Up and Memoir March

  1. I think the opposite is true – when I’m doing lots of new/different things time passes really quickly. Perhaps that is because I enjoy trying new things so much – time flies when you’re having fun! Enjoy your month of memoirs!

    1. I agree with this. Time passes really fast when a lot is going on, I think.

      Maybe you’re not doing anything new, but it sounds like you’re plenty busy/engaged.

  2. I don’t know–with the “new” babe and being at home time is still passing pretty quickly to me!

    I keep hearing about the new Oyeyemi and I’m glad to see that you really liked it. I loved Comica February and love the idea of Memoir March but I’m going to take the reading much slower this month.


  3. Excellent! I am planning on reading My Life in Middlemarch and I imagine that is a sort of memoir. BTW — I mailed your letter the other day, but I was writing late at night and my husband said I was actually dozing part of the time. If it doesn’t make sense I assure you I am not on drugs!

  4. Girl, you’ve been tackling that TBR mountain forever. Read it! Its got to equal Mount Everest by now. Lol The only thing that has saved me is not visiting the library. How did I accomplish that? I didn’t have a library card cause Chicago would let me have one until I had a proper lease. Now I’m moving.

    I honestly don’t know how you read any books with your schedule anyways. Totally impressed and in awe of you. Reading Goddess.

  5. I was thinking about joining Debi and Chris, too, but I also want to read some Diana Wynne Jones… We will see what happens!

  6. I’m hoping to read some international books this month. It bugs me that I don’t have access to too many international books – I’m going to have to dig deeper. Hope you have a great March too. I’ll be looking forward to your memoir list.

  7. I feel like I’m always in a rush and I don’t like that! There’s always so many things to do and the days fly by. Need to practice more meditation! 🙂

    Plans for March definitely include reading from my stacks. I’m on a bit of a library ban so I can read from my books. We’ll see how long that lasts. Ha. Hope you have lots of great reads this month!

  8. It does seem like this year is going by fast. I don’t think when everything’s the same it feels like time’s going by fast, though, except maybe when you’re looking back on it in your memories. I think it’s usually a combination of having things going on and the fact that as you get older time seems comparatively shorter!

  9. I can’t believe it is already March. How did that happen? I feel like the days pass slowly but the weeks fly by. I, too, had a goal of getting Mt. TBR widdled down and the past few weeks have been piled with shiny, new books for me, too. Sigh. I do have a memoir I want to read in March, though, so I am going to hop on over to see about Memoir March.

  10. Okay, I obviously have to shake things up a bit around here because I’m pretty convinced that Christmas was last week. I have no frickin’ idea how it can be March already.
    YAY!!! I’m so glad you’re going to join in for this month’s theme!!! That was sort of the reason Chris and I started doing these themes last year–to try to week down our TBR piles a bit. It’s sort of worked…but I admit I still always end up getting books from the library anyway. 🙂

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