Sunday Salon

Sunday Salon

sunday salonTime: // 6:33 a.m.

The place: // my living room. The heater is going and for the most part, it’s quiet.

Eating: // nothing yet.

Drinking: // I plan on starting on my first cup of coffee in a minute 

Reading: // I’m in the middle of four books right now: a collection of poetry called Chasing Utopia by Nikki Giovanni, Why Teach? by Mark Edmundson (essays), This is the Story of a Happy Marriage by Ann Patchett (essays), and The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt for the read-along. The nice thing about dipping in and out of the nonfiction books is that I can’t lose my place. I can read an essay by Patchett on writing, read another essay by Edmundson on teacher evaluations, and go back and forth without having to remember a plot or character’s name. We’ll see what happens once I get deep into The Goldfinch.

Blogging: // I’m pretty proud of myself for blogging a few times this week. I shared:

I’m thinking about: // my resolutions for 2014, reading and otherwise. I’m still working on my list, but I think I’m going to start working on my resolutions now instead of waiting for the new year to arrive. The kids are out on Christmas break so I can focus on the things that I want to change or get done. I plan on sharing my list sometime this week.

Now I’m off to: // read and enjoy my cup of coffee. What have you been reading/writing/listening to this week?

22 thoughts on “Sunday Salon

  1. Happy Sunday Vasilly, I like your new blog header!
    I’m very temped to join your Chunkster Challenge as I have King’s The Stand sitting in my Nook since last year.

  2. I haven’t started The Goldfinch yet. I’m hoping to do that today since I refuse to do much else aside from lying on the couch and reading. All I did yesterday was shovel snow. :/

  3. Oh! And I think I might also join the Chunkster Challenge unofficially and have an open-ended goal. I’d like to just keep track of how many chunksters I read in one year.

  4. I never follow resolutions so I never make them except sometimes unofficially in my head. (Like this year I resolved to start listening to audio books and I have!). The minute I make a list I ignore it…

  5. I’m evaluating 2013 as a way of easing my way into thinking about 2014.

    I’ve heard lots of good things about The Goldfinch. I can’t fit it in right now, but I’m looking forward to hearing what you think about it.

  6. How you manage to wake up so early on the weekends I’ll never know. Yesterday I slept in ’til almost 11– it was WONDERFUL, as I’ve been a bit behind on my sleep this week. Mostly because I can’t stop thinking about The Godfather, which I finally watched. (I totally understand why people are obsessed with it, because now I am, too!)

    I love your header, btw!

  7. I find that I like to read non-fiction alongside fiction, too…especially if I’m having a hard time staying focused. Like you said, it’s easier to go in and out without feeling lost. I’m so glad you’re encouraging people to read The Goldfinch, it’s such a great book!

  8. I love the idea of starting your resolutions now – because what’s really the point of waiting for an arbitrary day or time of year? Let’s just get started on what we want to happen now! :) Have a lovely, relaxing Sunday!

  9. I’ve started thinking about reading resolutions for next year too. Hopefully more non-fiction, more classics, basically more variety! Happy Sunday!

  10. I look forward to hearing about your reading resolutions. I’m basically resolving to make no resolutions, lol. I beat my Goodreads goal this year but big time failed on a TBR challenge. I’ve learned that I can’t deal with the pressure!

  11. How are you liking the Goldfinch? I am so looking forward to reading it. I’ve been having a hard time reading since October, with very few books successfully engaging me, but I started reading The Hobbit yesterday and I am truly enjoying it!

  12. Sounds like the start of a perfect day! I haven’t thought too much about 2014, but am hoping for a good year with less stress.

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