girlreadingGood morning, read-a-thoners! It’s finally here! I haven’t had my coffee yet so it hasn’t hit me.

Introductory Questionnaire:

1. What fine part of the world are you reading from today? Southern California

2. Which book in your stack are you most looking forward to? That’s a good but hard question. My stack is huge and there’s so many books to look forward to including Maggot Moon by Sally Gardner (YA), the short story collection, Queen Victoria’s Book of Spells, and Lynda Barry’s What it Is (graphic non-fiction).

3. Which snack are you most looking forward to? The Florentines that I plan on buying this morning from the bakery.

4. Tell us a little something about yourself! For some reason, this question always gets me. Here’s something: I’ve only missed the read-a-thon once since it started.

5. If you participated in the last read-a-thon, what’s one thing you’ll do different today? If this is your first read-a-thon, what are you most looking forward to? I wouldn’t change anything. I know this event inside out!

Here’s my read-a-thon stack:



  • I am the Messenger by Marcus Zusak (re-read)
  • When the Emperor was Divine by Julie Otsuka
  • The Buddha in the Attic by Julie Otsuka (re-read)
  • The Inexplicables by Cherie Priest
  • My Letter to the World by Emily Dickinson (I always add some poetry to my pile.)
  • Queen Victoria’s Book of Spells: An Anthology of Gaslamp Fantasy edited by Ellen Datlow
  • Chew Vols 3-5 by John Layman and Rob Guillory
  • Apple Cake : A Recipe for Love by Julie Paschkis
  • What it is by Lynda Barry
  • and a ton of picture books

On my Nook:


  • The Shining Girls by Lauren Beukes -ARC
  • In the House Upon the Dirt between the Lake and The Woods by Matt Bell -ARC
  • Flora by Gail Goodwin – ARC
  • Dreaming in Hindu by Katherine Russell (Thanks to Olduvai‘s great review on it.)

I’m going to update my progress throughout the day via this blog, Twitter, and Instagram. Wish me luck.

Are you read-a-thoning today?


First Update: Hour 5

So far, I’ve:

  • left comments on blogs, twitter, and through Instagram.  
  • fixed the coffee pot after my mom kind of broke it. A read-a-thon without coffee? Crazy!
  • went on a bakery run
  • went grocery shopping

Mini-challenge: Re-title Your Current Read

My current read is I Am the Messenger by Marcus Zusak. I would retitle it: 19 Year-Old Dead Man Feels Alive Saving Others.


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28 Responses to Read-a-thon!

  1. Ronnica says:

    Looks like you have a good Readathon-appropriate stack. I hope you’re enjoying your reading!

  2. That’s a great stack! I have so many I want to get to, I’m not sure where to start, lol.

  3. Chris says:

    Great list! So glad you’re reading today too, Natasha!

  4. dastevensish says:

    😀 😀 😀 Hope you and the kids enjoy every single second!!!

  5. Good luck with that big pile!! Curious what you think of I am the Messenger

  6. Every time I see this stack all I can say is WOW! That is so impressive. You go girl! Oh and by the way…What are Florentines? And is it a carb? lol! Happy Reading Chica. 🙂 I’ll check back soon.

  7. Jenny says:

    Good luck, happy reading! I also have never heard of Florentines, but they sound amazing.

  8. lmm831 says:

    That about me question always gets me too! I hope your day is going well!

    Lisa’s World of Books

  9. readerbuzz says:

    You are fully prepared for the readathon! Have fun!

  10. Laurie C says:

    Sounds like so much fun! Looking forward to your updates!

  11. You have quite the reading stack. Mine is pretty big as well. A girl’s gotta have options, right? So far I’ve made soup, visited blogs, and read just a tiny bit. Happy reading!

  12. BermudaOnion says:

    Wow, you’re a readathon pro! I hope you’re having a blast!

  13. Laura says:

    I need to go to the grocery store, but I don’t wanna. I’m not sure about my pile this year; I might start reading some others from off the shelves. Hope you are having fun!

  14. Belle Wong says:

    Great list of readathon books! Glad you fixed that coffee pot – can’t imagine a readathon without coffee. Happy reading!

  15. lmm831 says:

    That’s a good renaming!

  16. A broken coffee pot on readathon day?! So glad you were able to fix it. Looks like you have a great stack of books, I hope you’re enjoying the day and getting plenty of reading in!

  17. Teresa says:

    A broken coffee pot?!?! That would be a readathon disaster 🙂 Actually, for me it would be a disaster almost any day.

    I’m amazed you’ve only missed one readathon in all these years!

  18. heidenkind says:

    Your retitle is catchy! I don’t know how you form words without coffee. 😉

  19. Jennifer says:

    Ahhhh! Broken coffee pot! That’s a near disaster on a day like today 😉 My reading lamp broke yesterday! I had to zoom out and buy a new one, lol

  20. lmm831 says:

    Congrats on finishing!

  21. Belle Wong says:

    Congratulations on a great readathon yesterday!

  22. I hope you had a super fantastic Read-a-Thon, Vasilly! Hugs! –Andi

  23. I always love your RAT stacks. I wasn’t RATing with you this time, but I hope to have the weekend in the autumn reserved, and I’m sure my stack will be ridiculously unmanageable, as usual. Have you recovered yet?

    • Vasilly says:

      I’m kind of recovered. It seems like the second that the read-a-thon was over, it was back to school and homeschooling. I need another break. I’m going to try my best to email you back this week, M. 🙂 I miss talking to you.

  24. stacybuckeye says:

    I love the read-a-thon. I wish there was time to visit, do challenges AND read. There’s never enough time to read.

  25. harvee says:

    Wolf at the Door looks cute. I started reading the YA sci fi fantasy,Scarlet, based on the fairy tale of Red Riding Hood!

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