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Dewey’s 24-Hour Read-a-thon

It’s here folks! Dewey’s 24-Hour Read-a-thon! When Dewey started this event, who knew that this event would still be going on strong years later? I hope Dewey is someplace reading with us. I know she would be cheering on all the participants who’ve decided to read some Neil Gaiman, one of her favorite authors. Dewey, you are truly missed.

If you don’t know, the read-a-thon is a day dedicated to reading. It’s not a contest of some sort. We’re all busy and are juggling many roles in our lives. The read-a-thon is a way for readers around the world to relax, sit back, and do something they love: read.

Books from my first stack:

  • The Madonnas of Echo Park – Brando Skyhorse
  • Molokai – Alan Brennert
  • The Distance Between Us – Reyna Grande
  • The Lost City of Z – David Grann
  • The Buddha in the Attic – Julie Otsuka (re-read)
  • Spilling Ink – Anne Mazer
  • Touch – Alexi Zeutner
  • Stardust – Neil Gaiman (re-read)
  • Ghetto Cowboy – G. Neri
  • The Prisoner of Heaven – Carlos Ruiz Zafron
  • The Night Circus – Erin Morgenstern (re-read)
  • Urban Farms – Sarah Rich

2nd stack reads:

  • Black Jack – Charles R. Smith Jr.
  • Drawing from Memory – Allen Say (re-read)
  • Something Wicked This Way Comes – Ray Bradbury
  • The Fortune Cookie Chronicles – Jennifer 8. Lee
  • Best American Essays 2011 ed. Edwidge Danticat
  • Anna In-Between – Elizabeth Nunez
  • Wonder – R.J. Palacio
  • Half-World – Hiromi Goto
  • Amulet #5 – Kazu Kibuishi (re-read)
  • I Kill Giants – Joe Kelly (re-read)
  • Lucille – Ludovic Debeurme
  • Big Questions – Anders Miller

Not pictured: a ton of other books

I am not trying to read all of these books in 24 hours; I just like having a huge selection to choose from.

The read-a-thon is always a family event but this time, most of the members of my family are joining in including my kids and my sister. I’ve just finished cleaning my house and now there are read-a-thon stacks everywhere! I don’t mind though.

Hour 1 Update:

We’re up! The kids have already started reading and even my mom is joining us by reading to my youngest. Granola bars have been eaten and coffee is perking now.

1) What fine part of the world are you reading from today? Southern California, USA

2) Which book is your stack are you most looking forward to? That’s a really hard question. Maybe The Night Circus or Stardust.

3) What snack are you most looking forward to? That’s easy Shrimp Fried Rice this afternoon!

4) Tell us a little about yourself.  I keep changing my major. I’m currently an anthropology/psychology major but right now I’m acting like psychology doesn’t exist. If I could choose one superpower to have, I would probably cheat and choose three: super strength, the ability to fly, and I wouldn’t mind the power of persuasion. Plus, I’m a mother of three.

5) If you participated in the read-a-thon last time, what would you do differently now? Nothing!

I will be updating this post throughout the day with everyone’s progress.

Are you read-a-thoning this weekend?

Hour 7 Update

We’re seven hours in and I’ve only finished one book: Only a Witch Can Fly by Alison McGhee with my youngest. It’s a good thing everyone else in the house can’t say the same. They’ve been reading up a storm while also eating a ton of food. I would have taken pictures of everything we had but didn’t think about it until after our plates were empty!

Our stats:

  • Number of books Vasilly read: 1 – Only a Witch Can Fly by Alison McGhee
  • Books I’m in the middle of: Stardust by Neil Gaiman and How Children Succeed by Paul Tough
  • Snacks, meals, and drinks so far: 3 pots of coffee (for me and Mom), shrimp fried rice, Lorna Doone cookies, chocolate chip muffins, blueberry muffins, oranges, granola bars, and plenty of water
  • Cheering comments left on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and Goodreads: 33
  • Number of books Oliver read: 13 – Don’t Let the Pigeon Stay Up by Mo Willems, The Lotus Seed by Sherry Garland, Flat Stanley and the Haunted House by Jeff Brown, Toy Story: Toy to Toy by Tennant Redbank, Johnny Appleseed by David L. Harrison, Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can you? by Dr. Seuss, Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed by Mo Willems, Where are you? by Francesca Simon, I Can Read with My Eyes Shut by Dr. Seuss, Spongebob: Halloween Scare by Steven Banks, Shadow by Suzy Lee, and Chuck Close Face Book by Chuck Close
  • Number of books that Valarie read: 2 –The Best Worst Halloween Ever by Barbara Robinson and Arthur’s Halloween by Marc Brown
  • Number of books that Piper read: 6 Spongebob: The Halloween Scare by Steven Banks, Bake Sale by Sara Varon, Scaredy-Cat, Splat! by Rob Scotton, Shark King by R. Kikuo Johnson, Bake and Make Amazing Cookies by Elizabeth Macleod, and Anya’s Ghost by Vera Brosgol
  • Number of books that Avram read: 8 –Arthur’s Halloween by Marc Brown, It’s a Book by Lane Smith, Dinosaur vs. Bedtime by Bob Shea, Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown, Tomas and the Library Lady by Pat Mora, Let’s Do Nothing by Tony Facile, Dog Loves Books by Louise Yates, and Chuck Close Face book by Chuck Close
  • Interruptions: Cooking, breaking up arguments, showering, and a iCarly marathon

Mid-Event Survey

1. How are you doing? Sleepy? Are your eyes tired? A little. I’ve been up since 2 this morning because of insomnia.

2. What have you finished reading? How Children Succeed by Paul Tough. It was a really good book. I need to reread it before I review it. Do you see all the post-its?

3. What was your favorite read so far? See answer #2. 🙂

4. What about your favorite snacks? Can I count coffee? I took a mini-break and picked up some cupcakes for later.

5. Have you found any new blogs through the read-a-thon? I’ve found a lot of great blogs. Probably every blog I’ve visited so far today (40+), I want to visit again.

The kids are watching Hocus Pocus, a great Halloween movie. So now is a good time to read something spooky and fit in some picture books.

How’s your read-a-thon going?


32 thoughts on “Dewey’s 24-Hour Read-a-thon”

  1. I nearly changed my major to anthropology and almost minored in it :p We seem to have a lot in common!!! I think Dewey would love the Neil Gaiman love too 🙂 I’m starting with his new Death collection! It’s AMAZING so far!! And absolutely beautiful. And I LOVE that the whole family is participating! Have fun 😀

  2. No, seriously, I want to come over and borrow some of your books! It’s great that your whole family is participating today. Gotta start them young! 😛

  3. Must be so fun to have everyone involved. I feel like I’m stealing time to check in and cheer… I had to laugh and agree that it is not a competition. I recall the first time I told aomeone abt readathon and they wanted to know if people cheat and say they are reading more pages than they really are. it had never occurred to me to wonder that!!!

  4. I just finished reading Night Circus for my Fantasy Book group. It’s absolutely lovely. I’m starting my read-a-thon with rereads of Octavia Butler’s Parable books. It’s comforting to re-read isnt it?…even if the book in question is depressing.

  5. So many great books there! I’ve been thinking about a Stardust reread soon too what with the beautiful new edition coming out and all. Have a fantastic day!

  6. Nice to see Moloka’i in your stacks! Although it’s a pretty emotional read so unless you feel like bawling during the readathon… but you really NEED to read it soon! 😉

    I read The Night Circus recently and really enjoyed it. Happy read-a-thon-ing!

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed The Night Circus! I added Molok’ai into my pile because of you! 😉

  7. Hi Vasilly and Family!

    Hope you are enjoying your reading! It sounds like you will have plenty to talk about with all the books being read!

    Happy reading!

    Chris (Team Tootsie Rolls)

  8. Hah! Now I understand the comment that you left me earlier. I love that you posted all your photos right off the bat, and that you trusted we wouldn’t think you are completely crazy. *giggle* Hope you’re reading something that is totally tickling your reader’s fancy right now!

  9. I love that you are re-reading “Stardust”…one of my favorites. I need to do a re-read too. I haven’t seen the movie in forever either! Thanks for visiting me this read-a-thon. Happy Reading!


  10. Sounds like you’re all reading up a storm! How fun that you’ve made a family event out of it. I keep trying to get my mom to join me, but I never seem to have any luck with that. I’m pretty jealous of your book piles – lots of stuff I want to read on them!

    I’m thinking I should (at least) dip into a Gaiman short story after my current read, in Dewey’s honor. I’m sure she talked me into giving Coraline a try back in the day. If I still had a copy, I’d re-read it, but some new-to-me Gaiman should suit just find. Thanks for reminding me! =D

    Happy reading!

  11. Wow, I’m impressed! I don’t know how you people manage to read (and, in your case, cheerlead — BTW thank you for visiting my blog!) so much in so little time! Well done!
    Happy reading!

  12. Wow. A whole family event. That sounds like fun! I suppose I could read aloud to my cats and see if that makes it seem all family-like. 😉 Good job keeping track of your “cheering” comments. I have no idea how many I’ve left…Probably around 30, though, given where I am on the list of bloggers! Next time, I’ll keep track like you. 😉 It makes the time used feel more valuable!

  13. iCarly marathon sounds like my afternoon, but not today! Didn’t know we have much in common! I changed majors 5 times and finally graduated psychology and, like you, act as if it didn’t exist. Thanks for cheering me on, Vasilly! Happy reading some more!

  14. Both your food and the books on your stack sound tasty as all get out! I hope the reading goes well for you as the evening progresses…

  15. You all rock! I can’t wait to see what the family total works out to at the end of the day: it’s already very impressive indeed!

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