Poetry Project: The Healing Time by Pesha Joyce Gertler

Pesha Joyce Gertler isn’t a Pulitzer-Prize winning poet but I couldn’t let this month go by without sharing one of my favorite poems with you. If you’re friends with me on Facebook, you know that I’ve recently celebrated my 30th birthday. When you’re in your early 20s, 30 seems like a “long time from now”. I could say that 30 crept up on me but that’s not true. I saw it coming but it felt unreal. Now it’s here and I’m wearing it like a coat. “The Healing Time” is a poem that reminds me of all that I went through in my 20s and how bright everything looks.

                                               The Healing Time

                                                Finally on my way to yes
                                                I bump into
                                                all the places
                                                where I said no
                                                to my life
                                                all the untended wounds
                                                the red and purple scars
                                                those hieroglyphs of pain
                                                carved into my skin, my bones,
                                                those coded messages
                                                that send me down
                                                the wrong street
                                                again and again
                                                where I find them
                                                the old wounds
                                                the old misdirections
                                                and I lift them
                                                one by one
                                                close to my heart
                                                and I say    holy

                                                   © Pesha Joyce Gertler


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18 Responses to Poetry Project: The Healing Time by Pesha Joyce Gertler

  1. MoniqueReads says:

    That’s a great poem and it is prefect for making it to 30. Congratulations.

  2. bookworm says:

    That is a great poem, and happy 30th 🙂

  3. harvee says:

    Great poem for passing the threshold of 30. Congrats!

  4. zibilee says:

    This is a really evocative poem for one’s passage into their 30’s. I have learned so much since I turned 30, and truly learned what kind of person I am. I hope you have the same experience!

  5. Akilah says:

    Happy birthday! I have been enjoying my 30s; I hope you do.

  6. Heather says:

    Happy 30th Birthday, Vasilly! Love the poem.

  7. A big happy birthday! And thank you for the blessing that is that little poem.

  8. That’s lovely — perfect for those big round birthdays! Happy birthday! I turned 50 this year and it works for me, too.

  9. jmchshannon says:

    Great poem, and you are correct that it is perfect for that transition between your 20s and 30s. I should keep it in mind for my 40th, which is now closer than 30 is anymore.

  10. Evelyn N. Alfred says:

    Happy 30th birthday!!

  11. Nancy says:

    Wow, what a powerful poem; powerful for me because I’ll be 30 in two years. The thought itself is unreal, though I’m not afraid. I’ll keep this poem close to my heart from now on. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Lu says:

    Happy 30th birthday! I really can’t think of a better way to commemorate this moment than with this poem. It truly is lovely. Thank you for sharing!

  13. Snowball says:

    Please allow me to join the chorus in wishing you a happy birthday. One of the blessings of aging is that even though our skins may fill out, sag, and wrinkle a bit, they actually grow to fit more comfortably. And the poem is so apt. Thank you.

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  15. Trish says:

    Oh Natasha! I love this. The twenties are a tough decade with a lot of personal changes (and sometimes crises) and though I’m just a year ahead of you I have a feeling that the 30s will be a much more self-assured ten. Happy birthday to you!!

  16. boardinginmyforties says:

    Love this one and I can totally relate to the sentiments myself as I get closer to my 50th birthday!

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