Tuesday Morning Book News

Tuesday Morning Book News

  • The lovely M over at Buried in Print wrote a great review of Monoculture: How One Story is Changing Everything by F.S. Michaels. M writes great reviews and I usually add most of the books she writes about to my tbr list. Monoculture is no exception.
  • There’s a fantastic post that just went up today at Books Are My Boyfriends about books whose subject matter shouldn’t be joked about.
  • Even though it’s late November, it’s already time to think of next year’s reading challenges. I thought about not joining any challenges next year since I’m going to have a hectic school schedule but after reading Marg’s post at The Adventures of an Intrepid Reader about reading challenges being a challenge, I changed my mind. Are there any reading challenges that you’re looking forward to?
  • Speaking of 2012, Library Journal has posted their list of the 25 fiction titles they think readers should be aware of. These are books that will be published between January – April 2012. I’m interested in a few like the latest Ellis Avery book though I haven’t gotten around to reading The Teahouse Fire yet. I can’t wait to see the non-fiction titles.
  • Tomorrow is the last day to sign up for the Book Bloggers Holiday Card Exchange. If you love receiving mail and finding out about other bloggers, I think this is a great event to join.

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  1. Wow – that post on Books are My Boyfriend is so on point! As for challenges, I’m doing my own 2 (2014 Winter Olympics and Reading the 2011 Award Winners), plus I’m doing another “Book Awards” challenge. Not sure if you know – but “Novel Challenges” has a comprehensive list of book challenges.

  2. Lots of cool news for this Tuesday morning, and I will be visiting some of these links straightaway. Thanks for sharing all this with us!

  3. I still haven’t decided about challenges yet. I’m thinking about doing a project to read books in preparation of my honors thesis but haven’t decided yet.

  4. Thanks for the great links. I checked out Books Are My Boyfriends and found I had read the first two books she mentioned. The Columbine book is one that all parents should read!

  5. Thanks for the shout-out; I think you’ll be nodding your head along with Monoculture whenever you get around to reading it.

    I’ll be joining a few challenges again this year — Marg’s list is definitely inspiring — but I haven’t settled on any; I have spotted a couple of gaps in my reading that I’d like to fill, but I’ve yet to suss out what to do differently in 2012. I’ll be interested to see which ones you settle on!

  6. This has nothing to do with any of the stuff you mention above (though I definitely have clicked through on lots of those links). BUT I wanted to tell you that I signed up to take a Native American history seminar next semester! I’m quite excited by it, though I think it will be a lot of work, and once I get the syllabus, I can forward it to you. Maybe we can read one or two as part of our currently-hibernating buddy read project? Let me know!

  7. Thanks for the shout out! If I am going to join in some other challenges next year it will definitely be only for challenging challenges!

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