Sunday Salon

Good afternoon! The sun is shining and it’s supposed to be 80 degrees today. Yuck! I love winter and the colder the weather, the better. I live in Southern California, where the average day is about 80 degrees. As much as I love fall and winter, I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.

Desk tree. Click to enlarge.

Now that Thanksgiving is over, it’s time to take out the Christmas tree and start decorating. I’ve already put up my small tree which will go on my desk. My dream tree is six-feet tall and pink but since it’s cost more than $300 dollars, I’m not buying it anytime soon. Oh well.

Expensive dream tree.

The Thankfully Reading event is still going strong. Unfortunately my reading has almost come to a complete stop. I’m still reading but not as much. Earlier I was feeling restless and would rather get out of the house than read. Now that I’ve gotten out and had a fantastic lunch with the family, I think I can get back to The Book of Lost Things. I couldn’t finish When the Emperor was Divine before my company arrived so I returned it to the library.

I’m off to read. I’m determined to finish one book today. What are you reading today? If you celebrate Christmas, have you put your tree up yet?


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19 Responses to Sunday Salon

  1. Trisha says:

    An 80 degree average sounds fantabulous when you are looking forward to 10 below. 🙂

  2. Anastasia says:

    Pink trees! I love it. I really want a silver tree, myself, but we’ve just got a regular green (fake) tree. I don’t think we’ll be decorating or anything like that this year, though, since we’re moving basically right after Christmas.

  3. Megan says:

    Right now instead of cleaning to get ready to put the tree up I am looking at other Sunday Salon posts. So, no, my tree isn’t up. I HOPE to get it up by the end of the week, but I have A LOT of work to do because I need to rearrange furniture and move books.

    So far today I have only read blog posts and twitter but I do hope to finish the audio of Perfect Chemistry later. It is pretty FUN and FLUFFY, just what I needed to pull me out of my reading slump. Now I am going to get down and read hard for the rest of the year (I hope).

  4. My Thankfully Reading Weekend ended earlier with a nap and now a football game, but it was fun while it lasted, plus as you noticed I read FOUR books. I know, a record for me :). As for a tree, we can’t have one, because our cat controls our house. Bastard. 😉

  5. Teresa says:

    I just have a little green tabletop tree that I may or may not put up. I have a perfect spot for it in my window, so the lights are visible from outside, but my cat likes to interfere with it when I put it there. It’s a cheap tree, so I don’t care if she hurts it, but she could get hurt from the ornament hooks. And for some reason I’m less enthusiastic about it if I can’t put it in the window. So every year I waffle about it and then it feels like too late to bother.

  6. BermudaOnion says:

    It’s gorgeous here too, but I love it like this. We won’t decorate for a few weeks.

  7. A 6 foot tall pink tree would cause a riot in my house 🙂 80 degrees sounds like heaven!!!

  8. Kailana says:

    I should be cleaning… Instead I bought books on BookCloseOuts. I am hoping to put decorations up before the end of the week, though!

  9. softdrink says:

    No trees, no decorations. We’re quite bah humbuggish around here. Actually, I’m just lazy.

  10. Wow, that is SOME pink! I like it! Reading Nora Roberts’ BLACK ROSE, and several others, but that’s the main interest at the moment. And no tree yet. I have to get all the kids home and together, but hopefully soon!

  11. Chris says:

    Aw I love the pink tree 😀 I hope you can get it one day!! I’m with you…I absolutely love the cold…thankfully, we’ve gotten a cool front pass through today and highs in the 60s for the next few days!

  12. Beth F says:

    I was a failed co-hostess of Thankfully Reading. I did read but I also did housework, relaxed, got outside, and enjoyed some quiet time. Love the pink!

  13. zibilee says:

    It’s about 80 degrees here in Florida too, so I can relate. No Christmas tree as of yet! We will be going down to the lot next weekend and picking out our tree for the holidays and decorating soon too. I love the pink tree and have never seen one of those before! It looks like something that I would love to see decorated in silver beads and balls! Have a great day over there!

  14. I love the pink tree! Very cool

  15. No tree here yet, but we did have the yard/house lights put up this weekend, so we’re off to a good start. I expect the tree will go up next weekend.

    I hope you were able to finish a book like you wanted! 🙂

  16. Kathleen says:

    I love your pink tree (both your real one and the larger, dream version). I put my tree up yesterday and am so glad I did. It was terribly foggy here in Northern California this morning and all day today and I can’t wait to go home and read by the light of the Christmas tree!

  17. Helen says:

    I didn’t pay attention to the fact that you live in southern California! I am up in Santa Barbara and we’ve been having great weather as well. Not a bad life, is it! Your desk tree is so much fun!

  18. Jenny says:

    No tree for me! But I am thinking I will go visit my aunt and uncle this weekend and help them decorate their tree, and that will get me in the holiday spirit. 🙂

  19. Bree says:

    Pink tree. Interesting. I’m not sure if I could look at that for the whole holiday season. I’m so traditional when it comes to the holidays. Boring, I know.

    I tried to read the Emperior book this summer. It was a no-go. Went right to the give away pile.

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