Currently Reading: The Book of Lost Things

Currently Reading: The Book of Lost Things

Once upon a time—for that is how all stories should begin—there was a boy who lost his mother.

He had, in truth, been losing her for a very long time. The disease that was killing her was a creeping, cowardly thing, a sickness that ate away at her from the inside, slowly consuming the light within, so that her eyes grew a little less bright with each passing day, and her skin a little more pale.

And as she was stolen away from him, piece by piece, the boy became more and more afraid of finally losing her entirely. He wanted her to stay. He had no brothers and no sisters, and while he loved his father, it would be true to say that he loved his mother more. He could not bear to think of a life without her. 

The Book of Lost Things by John Connolly

13 thoughts on “Currently Reading: The Book of Lost Things

  1. I have heard good things about this book, but the excerpt that you posted makes it seem very sad. I think I would have to be in the right mood for this one. Are you liking it?

    1. Jill, you are so mean! :-) Re-reading this book reminds me of A Monster Calls and also the graphic novel, I Kill Giants. Have you read I Kill Giants before?

  2. I read about this somewhere else and it sounded good, but sad (and I tend to love sad books). I love the cover – it does remind me of a fairy tale!

  3. Wasn’t there a sequel to this? Or something? I definitely remember a cover that’s basically the same as this cover, only a different color, maybe.

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