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There’s something about our society that has everything feeling rushed. Before Halloween arrived, stores were already putting out Christmas things. If I wanted to, I could have picked up costumes for the kids and a few Christmas ornaments. It seems like we can’t celebrate one holiday without thinking about the next one.

But I was still surprised to see “best of 2011” lists being released. Why so early? Is it to ensure that readers buy the books featured on the lists now instead of in December as Xmas presents? As an avid reader and blogger, I’m definitely curious about these lists so I’ve started reading them and adding more books to my tbr list. I don’t often buy books so the most that’s going to happen for me is that I’ll check them out from the library.

  • Publisher’s Weekly Best of 2011 list I’m not impressed with PW’s top 10 but I did find a few books to add to my reading list including Leche by R. Zamora Linmark and Love and Rocket #4 by Gilbert and Jaime Hernandez.

  • Amazon just released their Best of 2011 list this morning.  Comparing Amazon’s list with PW’s is almost like comparing oranges and apples. While there are very few books I added to my reading list from PW and fewer more that I heard of, looking over Amazon’s list I found plenty that I heard of and wanted to read. I also saw a few of my favorite reads so far this year.

    As everyone knows, this is the start of the book awards season. I love following along and making notes on what to read. Last week the finalists for Books for a Better Life Award were announced. I love this award because there’s always a lot of interesting nominees and the award focuses on self-improvement. A few that I noticed were bloggers’ favorites like Moonwalking with Einstein by Joshua Foer and The Long Good-bye by Meghan O’Rourke.

    So that’s it. How do you feel about best of 2011 lists being released now? Are you going to join the Hurston read-along? 


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    16 Responses to Tuesday Morning Book News

    1. I saw much more on Amazon’s list I’d be interested in. PW wasn’t horrible, but it also wasn’t as long a list. Glad to see The Night Circus made Amazon’s top. 😀

    2. Oh my…that really does seem early doesn’t it. Or maybe we just think so because we’re still planning to read such a ridiculous number of books in the few weeks that remain in 2011! Heheh.

    3. I love reading best of lists and I always look forward to Amazon’s but I think listing 100 books is going a little overboard.

    4. Kailana says:

      I never understand why the Best of Lists come out when there is still 2 months left of the year.

    5. Heather says:

      I’m not sure how they can put out these lists when there are two months worth of books still to be released. It doesn’t make sense. One list I saw today included Stephen King’s new book…that just came out today. Weird. Have they read the rest of the books that will be coming out? That would be my guess. It’s still kind of annoying, though.
      Enjoy your readalong of <

      • Heather says:

        Uh huh. I am on my phone and pressed the submit button in error. Haha! As I was saying, enjoy your read-along of Their Eyes Were Watching God. I read it earlier in the year and it’s excellent.

    6. I thought announcing 2012 Book Challenges was to early but Best of list, wow is right. I will be looking at them now also, thanks for posting.

      And I don’t think Christmas should be same time as Halloween but that has became the norm in the last few year.

      I have always preferred Amazon’s list.

    7. Definitely way too early for Best Of! I don’t do my best of list until after 12/31, because I’d still be reading on 12/31! I looked at the lists, they haven’t listed any of my favorites so far. In fact, some of the ones listed were Did Not Finish or 1 stars for me. A couple of 3.5… ah well, I guess that’s why I am just a non-professional blogger instead of a book critic 🙂

    8. softdrink says:

      I’ve been ignoring all of the Best Of lists. Mostly because I refuse to accept the fact that it’s November already! But also because I don’t think the lists should be released until the year is over.

    9. Hmm. If the lists include books from Nov-Dec 2010 then I guess it’s ok…

    10. Marie says:

      I loved THeir Eyes Were Watching God but it’s been years since I read it. I’m tempted to join in!

    11. Gavin says:

      Thanks for all the links! It does seem early to start thinking of “best of” lists but I’m clicking through to read them anyway! I will definitely check in with the Their Eyes Where Watching God read-along.

    12. zibilee says:

      I am not ready to be reading about the best books of the year yet! I still have some time before this year is over, and I haven’t made any determinations yet. I will say that this year has been pretty disappointing for amazing books for me though. I’ve read some good things, but not many that have knocked my socks off!

      • Vasilly says:

        Heather, Nymeth and I were talking about the same thing a few days ago on Twitter.I don’t know what it is. I’ve read some amazing books this year but not nearly enough.

    13. Care says:

      The best-of lists only remind me of how many I haven’t read yet! How can I vote or agree, if I haven’t read them yet. sigh

    14. Tanya says:

      I love browsing the “best of lists” but I agree – definitely a bit early – but maybe they start with books published towards the end of last year.

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