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Weekend Cooking: The Library Loot Edition

Today I’m combining two of my favorite memes together: Weekend Cooking and Library Loot to share a few cooking-related books that I recently checked out from the library. Both books were on the “new books” shelf at the library and I hurried to grab them just in case someone else decided to!

Crazy about Cookies

Krystina Castella

Sterling Publishing

304 pages

Don’t you just love this cover! My daughter and I have been going back and forth searching through the book’s 300 recipes to figure out which cookie to make first. I’m torn between the Sugar-Free Carob Oatmeal Clusters or Old-Fashioned Peanut Butter Cookies while my daughter is thinking about Explosion Cookies which are cookies that look like comic book captions. If you ever see this book at your library or bookstore, at the very least just glance through it. The pictures are beautiful.

Ugly Pie

Written by Lisa Wheeler, illustrated by Heather Solomon

Harcourt Children’s Books

32 pages

I love picture books that feature food and Ugly Pie is no exception. Ol’ Bear has a craving for ugly pie but has only one ingredient. So he goes around his neighborhood to see has anyone else made the pie that he’s craving. When he sees that his neighbor has made everything but ugly pie, Ol’ Bear knows it’s time to make it himself. It’s a really cute book. The bonus is that it includes the recipe for ugly pie which is an apple pie with red raisins and walnuts. My family doesn’t really eat pie but I’m still going to give the recipe a try.

Have you read any food-related books lately? What does your library loot look like?

12 thoughts on “Weekend Cooking: The Library Loot Edition”

  1. So why exactly is the pie ugly? The one on the cover looks pretty good to me 🙂

    That cookie book looks like a keeper. I am very curious about the appearance of the explosion cookies. I’m picturing something with alot of points coming out from a blobby middle?

    Hope you enjoy both of these books!

  2. Both these books look delicious. I love Lisa Wheeler’s book so will have to find this for my school library. The cookbook I should request from my public library. I have three cookie monsters at my house.

  3. I especially love the sound of that pie book. I love fun food books for kids. Mr. BFR loves to find cookies in his lunch bag, so cookie cookbooks are always a good thing.

  4. I love that you’ve combined library loot with weekend cooking! I’ve learned about so many great cookbooks through Weekend Cooking and have gotten into the habit of giving them a test run from the library before considering a purchase.

  5. I think I’d try the peanut butter cookies, but the Explosion cookies sound very fun. Hope to see a picture of how those turn out! Ugly Pie looks like a cute book.

    I think the last food related book (fiction) I read is The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake. An unusual book!

  6. I LOVE homemade cookies! I’m not a very good baker though but luckily enough my S.O. is. Enjoy your library loot!

  7. I got a great cookie cookbook called Cookielicious a few months ago, and am really excited about expanding my cookie repertoire with it, and it sounds like this book would be a perfect companion. Thanks for sharing this, as I had no idea that this book was even out there!

  8. I haven’t had a new cookbook in my hands for ages. Thanks for reminding me: I should pick one up from the library, for inspiration.

    Have fun making cookies, the cover looks indeed great.

  9. Despite repeated attempts, I’ve yet to master the art of the cookie — so maybe I could use a book like that for a little help and inspiration! I love eating them but wind up scorching most of the pans that pass through my oven. Yikes!

  10. I love browsing cookbooks like that one with my oldest girl, too: I think choosing and imagining desserts baked is more than half the fun!

    I’ve just picked up Carol Off’s Bitter Chocolate as my food read; I’ve rather missed reading on this topic, as it’s been some time!

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