Finally. . .The TBR Dare

When I first heard of CB’s TBR Dare back in December, I knew it was the kind of dare that I needed. As much as I love my overflowing bookcases, I would love it even more if I knew the content of the books stacked on those cases.  I pledged to read at least 25 books from my TBR pile before the dare ends on April 1st. Since my pledge, I’ve only read five books off my shelves. *sigh*

I know some people reading this would wonder what’s the big deal about having bookcases overflowing with unread books. When Nymeth wrote her great review of Margo Lanagan’s Tender Morsels almost two years ago, I immediately bought the book. I still haven’t read it. So many bloggers read and recommend a lot of books that sound absolutely fantastic and I often buy those books based on their recommendations. The problem is that those books usually linger for months or years on my shelves before I decide to either read them and give them away. I often just give them away. What a waste.

So I publicly pledging to read the remaining twenty books between now and April 1st. I’ve read some amazing things about the books in my tbr pile like Big Machine by Victor LaSalle, Among Others by Jo Walton, and Everything Matters! by Ron Currie Jr. I’ve already started a few books in my TBR pile and I can’t wait to share my thoughts of them with you.

Have you read a book out of your TBR pile lately?