TSS: What’s inspiring your reading?

As usual, I’m sitting in front of desk with a hot cup of coffee (probably my third cup) as I type this. With the year coming to an end in less than two weeks, I’m thinking about the direction I want to take my blog next year and also what to read for the rest of this year.

Right now it seems like my reading is being pulled in a lot of different directions. During the semester, my reading can be pretty narrow as I focus on the subjects I’m taking which often leave me with little or no time to read for pleasure. Now that the semester is over, I’m slowly feeling my mind stir back to life.

One of my stacks

Sitting on my nightstand and one special bookshelf are stacks of books that I really want to read. They range from books about creativity to feminism, historical fiction to books in translation. I’m pretty excited about my reading because it’s based purely on the things I’m curious about.

I know a lot of bloggers are trying their best to finish challenges, reviews, and other loose ends so they can have a fresh start in the new year. I have a few review copies I would love to finish before the end of the year but I’m not going to really worry about obligatory reading.

What’s inspiring my reading?

Something that’s inspiring my reading right now is the lack of non-fiction I read this year. I read a handful of non-fiction and I want to change that because I buy a ton of non-fiction and I know there’s a lot of great books sitting on my shelves unread. A few non-fiction books that I’ve been eyeing are The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot, The Wettest County in the World by Matt Bondurant, Lit by Mary Karr, and A Widow’s Story by Joyce Carol Oates.

Right now I’m reading more to absorb than to critique. Is it me or is there something about the end of the year that makes reviewing harder to do? I still plan on reviewing the books I read earlier this month but I’m finding reviewing to be harder than usual.

So I’m off to curl up with a good book since I finished my coffee! What are you reading? What inspires your reading right now? Is it book challenges, curiosity, review copies?



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  1. Nonfiction seems to be a theme today here on The Sunday Salon, at least, among a few of us. I know that Florinda of The 3 R’s Blog mentioned she wants to do more nonfiction reading next year, and I know I myself would like to read more nonfiction next year too. I have a few in mind, but I won’t mention anything in case I don’t make it. 🙂

    • Vasilly says:

      I hope you do mention the non-fictions books you’re thinking about reading! I think one of the reasons why non-fiction is being talked about right now because it’s a genre that’s pretty easy to ignore though it shouldn’t be.

  2. Teresa says:

    At the moment, meeting my goal of reading all books I’ve owned since 2006 by the end of the year is inspiring my reading. I think I’ll make it, though 🙂

    I see you have Whale Rider on your book stack. I’ve never read the book, but the movie is one of my favorites. Have you seen it? If the book is half as good, it’ll be worth the time.

  3. Carrie K. says:

    I’m not feeling the desire to write reviews now that we’re at the end of the year, either – which is unfortunate, because one of the books I just finished is a review copy, so I have to write one. 🙂

    I’ve started a reading schedule for the New Year to organize all the read-alongs I’ve got going on, plus my review commitments, and it’s making me feel sad about all the books on my shelves that I didn’t get to read this year. With my full schedule the first six months of 2011, when will I get to read them? I’ve decided I’m going to make a SHORT list of authors whose books I will accept for review in 2011 – mostly series that have a new installment out – and other than that I’m saying NO and reading from my shelves. I don’t want to end 2011 feeling sad about all my books that I didn’t read.

    • Vasilly says:

      I really should organize my read-alongs for next year. It’s amazing to me that we’re scheduling our reviews and reading the way we are and 2011 isn’t here yet.

      I think if you put your mind to it, you can definitely read the books you’ve been wanting to read for awhile next year. Good luck.

  4. heidenkind says:

    Right now I want to read something fun that requires little to no brain power.

  5. I’m attempting to read the Short List for Indie Literary Awards in the nonfiction category. Five great titles. Three down and two to go. (One of which is Henrietta Lacks…a fantastic read….)

    My post is at http://www.readerbuzz.blogspot.com.

  6. christina says:

    I’ve just had a difficult time reviewing books for the past couple of months. In truth, I fear it’s merely laziness.

    • Vasilly says:

      LOL! Maybe laziness, maybe not. I think it’s just the time of year. I’ve had a difficult time reviewing books too this year. Let’s hope that next year is much better reviewing wise! 😉

  7. Florinda says:

    I’m being inspired to start on the reading I have to do for January and February deadlines, because I’m slow :-). And like you, I want to read more nonfiction next year – that’s one of the things I’m starting on now.

  8. Gavin says:

    I am reading for pleasure. I’ve done as much reading as I’m going to do for my challenges (with the exception of a couple that run into next year) and I am reading library books to finish them by the first of the year so I can get started on the TBR Dare.

    You are right about reviews being difficult right now. I’m not sure why that is. Have a wonderful week and a wonderful holiday.

  9. zibilee says:

    I am reading a really weird book called The Snakewoman of Little Egypt right now, and am almost done. I am still not sure how I feel about it. I think for the upcoming year I will be reading more of the books I want to read, and less obligatory reads. I am also planning on trying to fit in a classic a month.

  10. Doret says:

    Getting in a few more 2010 titles before I make my best of lists.

    • Vasilly says:

      Doret, I’m thinking the same thing. I’m on vacation now so I might as well read everything that I can possibly think of! Happy reading.

  11. iliana says:

    I hear you on trying to finish up reviews before beginning of the New Year. I’m about five books behind and I really want to get them done but who knows.

  12. Michelle says:

    Looks like you have an excellent pile to work through! I hope you enjoy them 🙂

  13. Darlyn says:

    I was nodding the whole time I was reading this post. Lately, I’ve been scrambling to write reviews for books I finished weeks ago, and I’m thinking about where I want to take my blog next year. 🙂

  14. Memory says:

    I think I’m also moving into a nonfiction phase. There’s so much great fiction I want to read, but lately I feel drawn to facts rather than story. I think it may be time to wallow in a few nonfiction titles.

  15. Trish says:

    I’ve heard such great things about Henrietta Lacks lately–hope you’re enjoying it!

    I haven’t really felt inspired in 2010 and maybe that’s the reason my book count is pitifully low this year. Next year I really want to focus on making my reading great–not reading out of obligation but desire. I’m afraid that’s not very defined, but it’s a start, huh?

    If I don’t make it back, I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday this week.

  16. Mmm looks like a good stack. I have mostly library books inspiring my reading, right now. I’m on a bit of a YA kick since that’s what seems to be coming in. Could change at any moment, though. Enjoy your year’s end reading!

  17. Christina says:

    I’ve fallen behind on reviews due to traveling home and spending time with my family. I’d liked to get all of my reviews of 2010 done before the new year, but all the books I’ve picked up from the library (my first batch since July) are calling my name…

  18. Edi says:

    My reading is feeling more forced than inspired. I need to finish the books I brought home from my library so that I can return them and get some new ones. I always read romance at Christmas. It’s my guilty pleasure and besides those won’t can’t… read? LOL I have a few reviews to get out and that nonfiction you mentioned? I’m trying to stay ahead of the curve for the Cybils!

  19. Jenny says:

    The projects I’m doing at work are inspiring my reading in very conflicting ways! Part of me wants a break from the a) depressing and b) constant nonfiction that I’m looking at all day; and part of me wants to find out more and more about the topics of the articles I’m reading. It’s tricky.

  20. Beth F says:

    I’m feeling rushed to get everything done, and my ability to write a thoughtful has gone into hiding. I like the look of your stack of books. We share some titles.

  21. Aarti says:

    I think this year I really diversified my reading, which made me very happy! I read much more out of my comfort zone of histfict and fantasy than usual, which I hope makes me seem like a more well-read person. I hope to take the same kind of risks in 2011, and hopefully do more non-fiction next year as well as reading books that intimidate me more. I don’t know what inspires my reading, really- I think more now than before I want to read books about women’s experiences through history.

  22. bermudaonion says:

    I’ve got a lot going on, she I really should be reading something light and fluffy, but I’m not. I’m reading The Language of Trees, because I think the author is great and she’s agreed to answer a few questions for me.

  23. Kathleen says:

    I’m having a very hard time focusing right about now. The holidays just put me into a frenzy with all of the preparations to get ready. My reading time is definitely suffering. I did go to the library at lunch today and hope to get some reading AND reviewing done very soon!

  24. bookmagic says:

    I have not read much in the way of non-fiction this year, only a few. I am just reading by my mood, no obligations, nothing, just what i want to read. i didn’t know JCO had a new non-fiction book though, so that has perked my interest. I would like to read more from my own shelves so I spend less money, but we’ll see. I am way into ebooks lately.

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