The Life and Times of a Book Addict

Two days into the BLOB game and I bought this:

Little by David Treuer

I have a great excuse! The latest CORA diversity roll call has been posted and the topic is books that  have changed the way you look at a person or culture different from you.  I read a great Sunday Salon post today over at Black Eyed Susan’s about David Treuer’s Little. Published in 1996 Little is about three generations of a family living on a Native American reservation in a small town called Poverty. In the post the book is described as,

It challenges you to rethink what you thought you knew or to question your ignorance. It tests your humanity.

I knew this was a book I really should read soon. My local library doesn’t have a copy and there was only one copy left at Powell’s, so I bought it. I know it’s going to be worth the 5 points I just added to my score.

Here’s my question to you: what was the last book you bought or checked out of the library because of a blogger’s recommendation?

17 thoughts on “The Life and Times of a Book Addict”

  1. This looks really interesting, I’m definitely heading over to Black Eyed Susan’s to read the review.
    As for my last recommendation from a fellow book blogger…probably Once Was Lost by Sara Zarr. I’m part of the way through and I really like it, I just wish I didn’t have a pile of others I HAVE to read before it.

  2. This looks really good!

    As to your question, I think every book that came into my house yesterday was because of a recommendation, so can’t really limit it! lol

  3. I knew I wouldn’t fare well with the BLOB challenge 🙂

    The vast majority of my books come from blogger recommendations. The last one I think was Alice I Have Been by Melanie Benjamin — and it did not disappoint!

  4. I just got my hands on The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian because of blog recommendations. I also am reading a book on Native Americans now. I hope that more come to my attention as well. If ANY minority in America is completely shut out, it’s them.

  5. Looks like the 5 points is probably worth it. 🙂 I just bought “The Sacredness of Questioning Everything” because of My Friend Amy’s review. Can’t wait to get started.

  6. That does sound like a good reason to add some points to your score!

    My last blogger-inspired purchase was WICKED GENTLEMEN by Ginn Hale, which I heard about over at Fantasy Cafe. It was worth it; I finished it last night and spent the whole day missing it, even though I was reading another wonderful book!

  7. I bought Still Alice this weekend after reading so many good reviews of that book from several blog friends. I found it at Half Price so I couldn’t resist 🙂

  8. I checked out I Kill Giants because of Nymeth’s recommendation and also The Book Thief because Literary Feline reviewed and recommended it.

  9. I have bought way too many books based on blogger reviews. Saving CeeCee Honeycutt by Beth Hoffman was my last purchase. I actually got the audiobook. I don’t remember exactly where I saw the reviews. They just seemed to be coming from all over.

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