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Two Christmas Books for Children

Mrs. Claus Explains It All (2008)
Written by Elsbeth Claus.
Illustrated by David Wenzel
Review copy from Publisher

In Mrs. Claus Explains it All, Mrs. Claus answers the questions that real kids have, from how Santa’s reindeer received their names to how Santa’s village is hidden from almost everyone. There’s questions about Santa’s favorite food and also whether Santa is exercising or not since he’s getting a little big.  One child wanted to know where did the elves come from. One of my favorite answers in the book is the answer Mrs. Claus gives about what the elves’ favorite books are. One answer I didn’t really like was the answer Mrs. Claus gives about why we don’t always receive what we ask for. Sometimes no matter how hard we wish or pray for something, we’re not going to get it.

The illustrations by artist David Wenzel was part of the magic of this book. My favorite illustrations are the ones of Santa’s Village on the endpapers and the elves in the Village’s library.

I read this book during my kids’ book club meeting and they enjoyed the book a lot. My daughter was happy to learn that Santa’s favorite food is macaroni and cheese. Guess what we’re leaving out for Santa on Christmas Eve?

Mrs. Claus Explains it All is a perfect book for the Christmas season and children who want their questions answered.

Horrid Henry’s Christmas (2006)
Francesca Simon
Illustrated by Tony Ross
Copy from Publisher

Goodness, I had no idea what I was getting into reading Horrid Henry’s Christmas. To call Henry horrid is no exaggeration. From stealing the show in his school’s Christmas play to forgetting to buy his family Christmas gifts (or forgetting to replace the ones he ate or used), to fighting with his brother Perfect Peter, the boy is a handful. With all his adventures I did laugh often but wondered how Henry’s parents secretly coped with him.

My favorite story in the book was “Horrid Henry’s Ambush” which made me laugh so hard, tears ran down my face. In the story, Henry tries to ambush Santa to ensure that he gets the presents he wants.  He lays a trap filled with string, a bucket of water, jump rope, and a whoopie cushion.  I won’t give the ending away but it has a surprise or two. I read a few of the stories included in the book to my kids and they loved it. Horrid Henry is a hit with independent readers.

7 thoughts on “Two Christmas Books for Children”

  1. I reviewed the Horrid Henry books as well, and I can’t decide if I like him or not. Parts of me were horrified that his antics were being almost exonerated (like we need to see more selfish, poorly behaved children?) and parts of me totally laughed because he’s like so many boys I’ve taught. Or, worse, my own nephew. 😉

  2. Fun!!!! I love Christmas books–especially picture books. I didn’t receive any this year (big frown), but I loved reading about these. They look adorable!

  3. Horrid Henry is such a hit with the kids I teach. Even the children whose behavior could also be described as occasionally horrid, look up at me during a read aloud with pride on their faces as if to say, “See, even I am not that bad.” So funny!

  4. I hope you have a Merry Christmas as well! With your young children, it should be delightful. I do miss that magical part of Christmas with the little ones expressions. School – isn’t it such a love/hate relationship. Love to learn, hate some of the work. I keep writing myself reminders of this so when I’m an actual teacher I remember students will have the same feelings. Enjoy your break.

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