Poetry Wednesday

For the past few days I’ve been dipping in and out of The Haiku Anthology. Edited by Cor Van Den Heuvel, the anthology includes more than 800 haiku and senryu written by 89 poets. All the poems have been written in English by modern poets. I’ve discovered this anthology a few years ago and it’s become a great book to have on my shelves. One of my favorite poets in the anthology is Nicholas Virgilio. Because it finally feels like autumn here in California, I wanted to share this haiku Virgilio wrote.

approaching autumn:

the warehouse watchdog’s’ bark

weakens in the wind

I’m not a huge reader of poetry, but I love dipping in and out of poetry collections and anthologies. What poetry collections and/or anthologies do you enjoy?


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8 Responses to Poetry Wednesday

  1. Care says:

    I cant’ name a single poetry collection nor anthology. bummer.

  2. Christy says:

    Oh wow, I never thought I’d see this anthology show up in a blog! I bought the Haiku Anthology in Summer 2001 and love it immensely.

  3. Melissa says:

    I’ve been reading a few poems, articles or short stories every week from the Portable Dorothy Parker. If I’d tried to read it all at once it’d be too much, but one witty poem from her will cut straight to my funny bone every time.

  4. I’ve been dipping in and out of the Oxford Anthology of American Poetry all year – some really good stuff, some just okay, others I can’t stand. That’s the cool thing about anthologies – such a variety.

  5. heidenkind says:

    I like collections of love poems. They give me the warm fuzzies. 🙂 I also love haiku, although I only own one haiku book.

  6. Memory says:

    A couple of Christmases ago, a friend gave me a mammoth volume that claims to contain the best poems in the English language, as chosen by the noted critic Harold Bloom. I haven’t had much of a chance to look at it, but I’ve enjoyed what little I’ve read. I’d really like to get back into poetry over the next year or so, and I figure this book should help.

  7. Lisa says:

    I found you on Shona’s blog where you mentioned that you were planning on reading 20 of the books for her Gilmore Girls project. I’m hosting a challenge based on that list and 20 books is the top level. If you’re interested, you could do them both at the same time and have a chance at prizes.

  8. Valerie says:

    I’ve been reading more poetry this year, including various anthologies. Your post reminds me that I still haven’t gotten started on a book I bought a while ago, “The Essential Haiku” edited by Robert Hass (versions of Basho, Buson, and Issa).

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