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Can you believe that I haven’t posted a new review in over a week? I don’t know if it’s this confusing California weather (thick fog in the morning and warm during the day) or what. I’m in the weirdest mood though November is supposed to be the month where I get so much done. The week fter the readathon, I didn’t read much. This week I’m in the middle of five books so the next review I write will probably be next week. I don’t have the energy desire time to write longer reviews so I thought shorter reviews would be a nice change for right now.


Rapunzel’s Revenge (2008)
Shannon Hale, Dean Hale, and Nathan Hale
144 pages

I first heard about this book during last year’s Cybil’s awards. My library just bought a copy last month and I’ve finally been able to read it. The Hales have taken the Rapunzel fairy tale and turned it on its head! After escaping from Mother Gothel, Rapunzel decides to go back and get her revenge on the witch and free her mother from enslaved in a mine camp. On the way she meets Jack of the Beanstalk fame and the two start on a daring adventure.

This was a great read. In this retelling Rapunzel is a daring young girl who won’t take no for an answer. With Jack by her side the duo chases off coyotes, wrestle with giant snakes, and rescue a spoil brat from a group of bandits. This is a book that has a place in my permanent library.

kubuishi 1

Amulet Vol 1: The Stonkeeper (2008)
Amulet Vol. 2; The Stonekeeper’s Curse (2009)
by Kazu Kibuishi

Kibuishi is the genius behind the fabulous Flight graphic series. Last year I found out about Amulet and read the first book in the series. The problem with reading books in a series is that you have to wait until the next volume comes out. Just last month volume 2 arrived and I dove in. Both books are about siblings Navin and Emily. With their mother they move to an old family home to start over after losing their father in a car accident. Only days after arriving, strange things start to happen and their mother is kidnapped by a strange creature and taken to another world.

Book two starts where the first book left off with Navin and Emily trying to rescue their mother. Filled with more action and adventure than book one, you can’t put this book down until you turn the last page. The graphics are so great, there were a few I wanted to blow up and put on my wall. Great read for all ages.


Peter and Max: A Fables Novel (2009)
Bill Willingham
400 pages

I have been a fan of  Bill Willingham’s graphic novel series, Fables, for years. Peter is a Fable who lives with his wife Bo (Little Bo Peep). When Bigby Wolf, Beast, and Frau Totenkinder informs Peter that his older brother Max has returned, Peter knows he has to go and finish the fight that started between the two brother centuries before.

With that said, I have to tell you this was an excellent read. Because I’ve already read the graphic novels I found the beginning slow-going and almost set the book down. After a while, the book picked up and I set aside almost everything to read it. The plot goes back and forth between the past explaining how Max became the Pied Piper and his jealousy with Peter, and the present as Max flies across the world to confront his brother.Willingham did a fantastic job providing the background information. Bigby and Frau Totenkinder both appear in the brothers’ past and readers find out more about Frau Totenkinder and the life she lead before coming to our world.

The fight that happened between the two brothers wasn’t what I expected after the build-up of so much suspense. It was a pretty crafty fight though. If you love fairy tales and/or love the Fables series, this is a great book for you.


20 thoughts on “Mini-Reviews”

  1. Ugh persistant fog that sounds horrible. Peter and Max sounds really interesting, but I think I need to start with the main Fables strand first.

  2. I should really giv. Graphic novels a fair try. I’ve only read the first if the Buffy Season 8 ones.

    And I haven’t finished a book in a week either. I am determined to do finish one this weekend,thinkINg think I have to just to a currently reading post in the meantime.

  3. Yay, Amulet! I’ve read the first but not the second and I’m looking forward to getting my hands on it. Kibuishi *is* a genius.

  4. Shannon Hale is one of the authors whose books I discovered recently and having read Enna Burning and Goose Girl , I can’t wait to read Rapunzel’s revenge. I haven’t yet read Amulet . Thanks for bringing it to my notice.

  5. Rapunzel’s Revenge has been on my Amazon Recommends for a while, but I never felt compelled to look into it until now. Thanks for the heads-up!

  6. Nymeth: Frau Totenkinder is a the character that stays with me the most. She’s a troubling character, so evil but yet she does good deeds.

    Jodie: Thankfully, the fog has cleared. Starting with Fables is a great idea. Happy reading.

    Lightheaded: LOL! Happy reading!

    Nanscorner; I loved it. Can’t wait for the next book to come in 2010.

    Michelle: A ‘currently reading’ post sounds like a great idea.I’ll probably have to post one this Sunday.

    If you do give graphic novels a try, please let me know. I would love to see what you’ve read. Can I suggest Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi?

    Kiirsten: I agree, Kibuishi is a genius. The second you read volume two, you’re going to want the next one.

    Docshona: No problem. I’ve been wanting to read Goose Girl for a while now. I’m adding it to my reading pile because of Rapunzel’s Revenge. Happy reading.

    Aarti: Read it! It’s such a great retelling of the fairy tale.

  7. Shorter reviews are a great way to catch up when you are overwhelmed by your review backlog! I haven’t read any of these, but they look good. I really want to start reading the Fables series, but neither of my libraries have it.

  8. I am waiting for Peter & Max to get to me! I ordered it, but it hasn’t arrived yet… I plan to make it a read next week for sure!

  9. Awesome reviews! I’m so excited about Peter & Max, but I was worried that it wouldn’t make sense unless I had read all the graphic novels first (I’m on book 8) but after reading your review it sounds like it will work fine as a stand-alone. 🙂

  10. Vivienne: Rapunzel’s Revenge is a great read. Hope you can get your hands on it.

    Meghan: I really need to do shorter reviews more often. I hope you get your hands on the Fables series.

    Kailana: I can’t wait to read your thoughts on Peter and Max.

    Joanne: You can read Peter and Max as a stand-alone with no problems. Vol. 10 is my favorite in the Fables series.

    Kim: Peter and Max is his first.I hope there’s more to come. I hope you read more Fables. It’s such a greats series.

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