Wild Magic by Cat Weatherill

weatherillWild Magic (2007)
Cat Weatherill
280 pages
Middle School Fiction

What led you to pick up this book?

When I heard this was a re-telling of the Pied Piper fairy tale, I wanted to read it badly. I’ve been on a fairy tale kick for a while now. It took about six months for me to get this book from the library so when it finally arrived I was surprised.

From the jacket flap

The Pied Piper had his reasons for enchanting the children of Hamelin and stealing them away—ones rooted in a deep history of wild magic. Mari and her brother Jakob are among the children who followed the piper’s song, and they are now trapped in a beautiful but cruel world inhabited by a horrid Beast.

What I liked most

Everything. Mari and Jakob are great characters to follow. The book’s summary is actually wrong. Mari followed the Pied Piper but Jakob couldn’t because he had a bad leg. Jakob was so determined to get to his sister that he sat at the magical door of a mountain every night for days, waiting for it to open. The effects of Elvendale, the magical city inside the mountain on Jakob almost had me in tears, it was so touching.

In Wild Magic readers find out what happened to the children of Hamelin Hill and also get the background story on the Pied Piper.

Though this book stayed on my shelf for weeks once I opened it, I read it in a matter of hours. I was drawn into this story of three great characters, a beast, and a deadly forest. Even the minor characters were interesting. I definitely recommend this book.

Here’s a description of the children leaving Hamelin Town with the Pied Piper,

He dared to be different. Into a sad, drab world of gray and black he had come, burning bright in turquoise and jade. Dazzling as a dragonfly. He had played a pipe and the rats had followed, dancing till they drowned in the quick brown water of the river. They had to follow him. They couldn’t resist his music. And Marianna couldn’t resist it now. It was glorious. She wanted to dance. She wanted to dream. She wanted to follow the Piper.

And Marianna wasn’t alone. The streets were packed with children. Every boy, every girl in Hamelin Town seemed to be there, and they were all dancing.


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7 Responses to Wild Magic by Cat Weatherill

  1. Aerin says:

    JEALOUS JEALOUS JEALOUS. This is has been on my wishlist since last summer; I’ve just not gotten around to acquiring it. Now I can’t wait!

    (PS – are you sufficiently post-exams to breathe sighs of relief? yay!!)

  2. vivienne says:

    Sounds really good.

  3. Gavin says:

    I love the new layout. It is beautifully set up and easy to navigate. I’m adding Wild Magic to my fairytale/fantasy TBR list.

  4. Vasilly says:

    Vivienne: It was a really entertaining read.

    Gavin: Thank you so much. I’ve been having my eye on this theme for a while now.

  5. Kailana says:

    I have this written down to read soon, but my library doesn’t have it! Glad you enjoyed!

  6. Eva says:

    OMG I want this right now Vasilly. :p lol Off to check my library catalog.

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