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Booking Through Thursday: Gluttony

Noa Vichanski boy on pile of books

Mariel suggested this week’s question

Book Gluttony! Are your eyes bigger than your book belly? Do you have a habit of buying up books far quicker than you could possibly read them? Have you had to curb your book buying habits until you can catch up with yourself? Or are you a controlled buyer, only purchasing books when you have run out of things to read?

I was thinking about this while I was on my blogging break. Though I have a habit of buying more books than I can read at one time ,I do have a system to my buying.

If my library has a book  I want to read, I’ll always  check it  out first instead of buying it. If I love it, then I’ll buy it. I only buy new books that my library doesn’t have or that I’ve read and know that I will re-read. A lot of the books I buy come from used bookstores and thrift stores, so I usually end up getting a lot of books at low cost. I buy books and if I love them, they will stay on my shelves for years to come. If not, I donate them to my library or local thrift store that supports veterans.

I had put myself on a book-buying ban a couple of months ago because I went a little crazy with my buying and had a ton of new books I hadn’t cracked open. During this past week I’ve realized that it’s okay to buy books. I’ve lost the anxiety I once had over my double-stacked shelves and realized that with my system of buying and giving away, I’m doing great. It’s all about moderation.

So I’m taking myself off my ban. I did great not buying, but there’s nothing like the great feeling you get when you receive a book in the mail or bring new books home.

To offset the incoming books, I joined the Spring Reading Thing challenge. My plan is to read at least eighteen of my unread books by June 20th. If I read less than eighteen, I plan on giving away the difference.

We’ll see what happens. . .

15 thoughts on “Booking Through Thursday: Gluttony”

  1. We are book buying twins 🙂

    I always try to read library book first to see if I like it. I also LOVE a book bargain more than just about anything, and buy 90% of my books via 2nd hand stores. I also try to give books I no longer want to either the library book drive or goodwill.

    Glad you have released the self-imposed ban. Life is too short not to indulge in a worthwhile vice (or two)

  2. I don’t use our library much, as it is really small and doesn’t have much selection. I use paperback swap and library sales to get books cheaply. Glad to hear that someone else has double stacked shelves too!

  3. My anxiety goes through phases. Sometimes I’m okay with having so many unread books around the house. Other times I look at the pile and hyperventilate. But even that doesn’t seem to stop me from getting more 😛

  4. I have four boxes of unread books from the last library sale, and I’m totally cool with that. 🙂 I also got five brand new books from Barnes & Noble on Sunday with a birthday giftcard, and I’ve read two of them already. It just depends on what mood I’m in. I love having lots of options, and the ability to pick old favorites or new finds, or a good used book that I found at a sale. I can never have too many books.

  5. I’m like you, Vasilly. I always check the library before I buy a book, and I only buy if I absolutely love it. Most of the books I do “buy” are from PaperBack Swap; I love the buying and giving away system. Anything I rate below a 4 — unless it’s apart of a series that has a overall rating of 3 or above — immediately is posted for give away.

    I like your idea for the Spring Reading Thing. Seems like a very efficient system.

  6. Excepting the book ban, we have exactly the same habits.

    And you really did do great, Vasilly! You never once purchased a book since you gave that commitment.. what willpower! Now, go and splurge a little, you deserve it. 😀

  7. Molly: I agree. As long as I pay the bills before buying books, I’m doing great!

    Melissa: I don’t know what I would do without PBS. It’s the best!

    Vivienne: I’m sure it’s not that bad. Besides reading is a great passion to have.

    Nymeth: My anxiety was the same way. Hopefully it’s gone for good.

    Carrie K. : Thanks. I try my best not to splurge too much with books.

    BonnieBelle: A great coupon or sale is all it takes to get me to buy a book.

    Christina: My library system is a great one. I’m pretty lucky that I live near two great systems. If I don’t think I’m going to reread a book, it’s gone.

    Claire: Thanks! There were so many books that came up on my wish list on PBS and I didn’t get them. Now it’s time to make a pile for summer reading!

  8. Library 1st for me too before buying, UNLESS there are over 50 people who have to book reserved before me (see I need an out somewhere) LOL

  9. I try to check books out of the library, but there are so many they don’t have and that I want to read. Then again, I have plenty of my own books that I want to read. Perhaps I should also ban myself from buying books. I just know that I would struggle to do it, though.

  10. I love the picture of the boy on the books!

    I wish I had a good library – but they charge to reserve books, so it is nearly always cheaper for me to pick them up second hand – that way I avoid the late charges too!

  11. The last two years I only buy new releases by authors that I really love. 🙂 Other than when I have gift cards, because then I splurge a bit.

  12. I don’t think I used to buy as many books until I started blogging. I had just come off of a big book buying ban and then with blogging it was hard to say no to new books. I’ve tried doing mini book buying bans in the past several years but those usually don’t last more than a couple of weeks! haha…

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