Dewey’s Spring 2009 Read-a-thon

24readathon4The read-a-thon is about to start. I’mwishing everyone who participants a great time.

Hour 1 Meme: I am reading from my computer desk since I’m also cheering. Once cheering is over, I will be reading from my kitchen table.

3 facts about me: I love chocolate. I hate summer but love spring, winter, and fall. I like washing dishes because it relaxes me.

My goal for the readathon: to read at least 10 books of any size and shape.

My advice: Have snacks on hand, read short books, take naps, and remember to have fun!


18 thoughts on “Dewey’s Spring 2009 Read-a-thon

  1. Good morning and good luck. I am with you on summer…winter is my favorite…so conducive to hiding under a blanket and reading:)

  2. I hate summer too 😛 It’s really humid where I live so my hair gets very frizzy!

    Ten books? That’s a lot. Good luck!

  3. sis BOOM bah! Hey- when you need a quick break, you might want to update your WP profile and see the box that says URL? add this blog’s name so that when you comment, it will be linkable (does this make sense?) HOPE SO! just trying to help… 🙂

  4. The rate I’m reading at the moment I’ll never complete ten books. I’m reading very slowly for me anyway.


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