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Every year no matter how hard I try, by  the end of the year picture books easily outnumber adult reads. Picture books are shorter with less words and pages but they can also help you get through a hard day or a reading slump. Last week I read a handful of great books for kids of all ages.

ransomThe Big Green Pocketbook (1993). Written by Candice Ransom, illustrated by Felicia Bond.

This was my oldest son’s favorite book of the stack. The Big Green Pocketbook is the story of a little girl’s trip to town with her empty  green pocketbook and her mother. At each place they visit she receives something to put into her purse to help remember her day. This story is simple but effortlessly pulled us into the story.

swansonThe House in the Night by Susan Marie Swanson (2008). Illustrated by Beth Krommes. Winner of this year’s Caldecott Medal, The House in the Night is a masterpiece. I’m not saying this lightly either. The wood engavings by Krommes and the soft poetry from Swanson compliment each other perfectly.

jenkinsThe Little Bit Scary People by Emily Jenkins (2008). Illustrated by Alexandra Boiger. The message behind this book is that though strangers may act and look different from you, they are just like you. My little sister loved this one the most.


My Friend, the Starfinder by George Ella Lyon (2008). Illustrated by Stephen Gammell. A book about the friendship between an old man and a young girl and the stories he tells her about his childhood. The illustrations for this book are beautiful and not to be missed.

3 thoughts on “The Children’s Books Post

  1. I really miss reading the picture books to my children. Mine are both nine now and read to themselves – we used to spend many an afternoon reading the stories. Thanks for reminding me.

  2. Thanks, Claire! Picture books are great for all ages. Too bad so many people don’t know that.

    Vivienne: The oldest kids here are my sisters who are nine. They’re older than my kids but I still read the picture books to them too.

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