The 25 writers who have influenced me

I got this meme from Stephanie at So Many Books. As Stephanie stated, “the writers are not those you necessarily admire, but who have influenced you.” I actually have a shelf of books dedicated to just that. The writers below influenced me in so many different ways. It might have been  though their writing style, an essay or review they wrote, a phrase that is a constant reminder in my life, or their brutal honesty that shows how hard life can be for the unknowns: people whose lives are almost never on the radar. It might also be the encouragement I received through their words as a young child.  You can click on the names and find the book by the author that most  influenced me.

  1. Anne Lamott
  2. John Steinbeck
  3. Wayne Dosick
  4. Melanie Rae Thon
  5. Jose Saramago
  6. Mary Downing Hahn
  7. Dewey
  8. Emily Dickinson
  9. Raymond Carver
  10. Piero Ferrucci
  11. the writers of Mothers Who Think
  12. Marjorie Williams
  13. Frank McCourt
  14. Balfour Brickner
  15. Barbara Kingsolver
  16. Cynthia Voight
  17. Ursula Hegi
  18. Maurice Sendak
  19. Judy Blume
  20. Ann M. Martin
  21. Judith Viorst
  22. Nancy Garden
  23. Michael Dirda

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8 Responses to The 25 writers who have influenced me

  1. Stefanie says:

    Marvelous list! I see Steinbeck is on yours too! I came this close to putting Dirda on mine but had bump him to make room for someone else.

  2. Vasilly says:

    Thanks! I love Steinbeck!

  3. vivienne says:

    I grew up with Judy Blume – they made growing up a lot easier. I keep forgetting you have moved – need to change it on my google reader!

  4. Priscilla says:

    Very interesting list! I loved seeing Anne Lamott right off the bat! And Judy Blume…definitely influential. Not long ago I thought I should go back and read all her books. She definitely influenced a generation.

  5. Judy Blume and Ann M. Martin both had a big part in making me the reader I am today.

    I was delighted to see Dewey listed as well. I knew her for a very short time as a blogger, but I’m grateful for that time and hope that I can be as welcoming and community-minded as she was.

  6. Vasilly says:

    Vivienne: Judy Blume is so great. I plan on reading her sometime soon for the Inner Child weekend.

    Priscilla: Anne Lamott is so honest and funny. Her writing style is so light and easy.

    Ruth: I think Judy Blume and Ann M. Martin has helped millions of kids become readers and stay readers. Dewey was the best blogger to me, hands down.

    Gavin, your list is awesome!

  7. claire says:

    Hi, I looked over your wonderful list, and have added Dirda’s Bound to Please to my TBR list.. Thanks!!

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