Musing Mondays

How often do you visit the library? Do you have a scheduled library day/time or do you go whenever? Do you go alone or take people with you?

I visit the library once a week. I used to go to the library any time I felt like it but that’s not really efficient time-wise. So now I usually go on Fridays or Saturdays. That way my family and I have at least a week to read some of books from the huge pile we checked out. I want to return a book that’s been read as soon as possible so there won’t be any late fines later on, which is important when all seven of us have library cards and the checkout limit is 25 items.

If I go to the library on a Friday, I usually go by myself. That way I can browse in peace and find some good reads I may not have found otherwise. If I go on a Saturday I take the kids. We spend hours there. The girls like to walk around and browse while the boys usually find their books first and then play with puzzles the rest of the time we’re there. It’s a really peaceful day for us.


6 thoughts on “Musing Mondays

  1. We used to go on Thursdays and doubled up on the library storytime and “regular” library time.

    We tend to go on weekends, now, but it’s busier then, and I prefer the quieter weekday visits.

    Is your item limit 25 per family, or per card?

    She is Too Fond of Books

  2. I normally go on a Friday when the kids are at school. If they need to go then we go on a Saturday. I can get 13 items at a time out and luckily I can renew my books online.

  3. Beth F: Saturday is a great family day. Thanks for visiting.

    Dawn: Weekends is busier at the library than during the week. I miss those weekday visits. The limit is 25 per card. We try to use only three cards at a time.

    Scrap girl: Your plan is perfect. I renew online also. I love technology! =)

  4. I don’t have a set day but it’s usually Monday or Friday mornings. Both boys in tow. Elliot loves to read and look at books, but not at the library. In the library he likes to look out the window and watch the cars go past. I have to make the trips to the library as short as possible.

  5. Michelle: I just noticed that my 5 year-old loves to look out the window when we’re at the library. I limit our visits also. It’s better to get in and get out.

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