Sunday Salon

My reading this week has been scattered. Last Sunday I finished Daphne’s Book by Mary Downing Hahn for The Inner Child Weekend and Childhood Favorites Challenge. I haven’t finished a book since then. I’ve been swamped with homework, studying, kids, and being sick. I’m still a little tired but I’m feeling much better.

I’m almost up to date with homework and studying, so I plan on using today to finish The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield. It’s a reread for my online book club, The Well-Read Ladies. I’m loving the discussion we’re having.

After The Thirteenth Tale I plan on starting a book of poetry called Language for a New Century. It’s an anthology featuring contemporary poets from Asia and the Middle East. I also plan on finally dipping into Delicate Edible Birds by Lauren Groff. It’s been killing me that I haven’t been able to give it my attention.

With all the assignments and studying I need to accomplish this week, I think I’m going to take a week-long break from blogging. That way I can spend more time focusing on what I love, reading. I hope you have a good week and see you next Sunday.


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10 Responses to Sunday Salon

  1. Alea says:

    We will miss you during your break! I really didn’t read for fun in high school or college way too much work! I never asked you, what are you going to school for?

  2. Nymeth says:

    Have a good week! Good luck with all your assignments.

  3. N.Vasillis says:

    Alea, I’m majoring in English Literature and Anthropology. Thanks!

    Nymeth: Thanks! Hopefully I can everything done.

  4. Alea says:

    Ooooh that sounds like fun!

  5. Gavin says:

    Have a great week. I’d love to know what you think of Language for a New Century. I’ve got it on hold at the library.

  6. Iliana says:

    Enjoy your break from blogging. Hopefully you’ll get a lot of stuff done and get a chance to catch up on your books. I’ll be curious to hear about the anthology – sounds good!

  7. naida says:

    enjoy your reading and have a good blog break 🙂

  8. Kailana says:

    Everyone is sick. Terrible business this time of the year. Glad you are feeling a bit better! I loved The Thirteenth Tale. I really want to reread it one of these days. Have a good week!

  9. Scrap girl says:

    I have just bought The Thirteenth Tale today from the charity shop – can’t wait to read your review.

  10. J. Kaye says:

    If I had your schedule, I wouldn’t be blogging at all. You are an amazing person! 🙂 Enjoy your break!

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