Twilight, A Scent of God, and a pile of homeschooling books

Twilight (2006)

Stephenie Meyer
498 pages
4.5 out of 5 rating

Twilight is the first book in this series with the same name by Stephanie Meyer. 17 year-old Isabella Swan moves from sunny Phoenix, Arizona to cloudy Forks, Washington to live with her dad. There she meets the mysterious Edward Cullen. Who is he? Or more like it, what is he? A great girl-meets-vampire-and-they-fall-in-love-though-he-wants-to-suck-her-blood kind of story. I thought this story would just be some corny YA romance, but I was so wrong. There were so many parts that had me holding my breath or clutching my chest.

Right now I am in the middle of the engaging memoir of A Scent a God by Beryl Singleton Bissell. It’s a great read even from page one. Sadly, I have to temporary put all non-school reading on hold while I research and write my paper on home schools and what public schools can learn from them. I have about five books to read within the next week, so my life will be like a week-long Read-a-thon. I’m going to read:

How Children Learn -John Holt
Teach your Own – John Holt
Coloring Outside the Lines – Roger Schank
Home Learning Year by Year – Rebecca Rupp
Guerrilla Learning- – Grace Llewellyn
Wish me luck.

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6 Responses to Twilight, A Scent of God, and a pile of homeschooling books

  1. Dana says:

    Ok, I’m very curious about this paper you working on. When do we get to hear more information?

    Principled Discovery”

  2. Beryl Singleton Bissell says:

    Are you homeschooling your children and going to school simultaneously? What a challenge, especially with your youngest only 3! Best of luck in that paper.

    By the way, I’ve posted a link to your site on my blog “Road Writer”

  3. N.Vasillis says:

    I’m not homeschooling my kids, but I am starting to seriously consider it with all this reading that I’m doing. Thanks for posting a link!

  4. Roger Schank says:

    I will save you some time; the school will not learn anything from home schoolers; whether they could or not is besides the point; the schools cannot change; what I worry about is whether home schoolers understand exactly how broken the system is; often they simply replicate the worst of it by blindly accepting that the school curriculum has some validity; nearly all of what is taught in school (apart from the 3Rs) is a waste of time

  5. Yo says:

    I’m not usually a ‘bullet’ person 😉 but since I don’t want to forget what I want to say, and they’re all over the place, her I go:
    1. I found your blog by looking up Rebecca Rupp and I’m glad I did!
    2. I’m interested to hear what your essay becomes, I hope you post it.
    3. All that reading with 3 litles! Good for you!
    4. Have to disagree with the poster before me “often they simply replicate the worst of it by blindly…..” Not saying these words aren’t true for this poster only that is one opinion and I have found the opposite and love interacting and gleaning from many other moms who take the day by the horns and go! go! go! when it comes to their children’s education. Yes, I’ve seen the other way as well but surround myself with the eclectic, creative people and love it!
    5. I DO agree with this part of the previous poster’s opinion:” I will save you some time; the school will not learn anything from home schoolers;” To me it’s sad that such a creative way to learn is not what the school system will even try. I realize they deal with millions of kids nationwide but still….makes me sad.

    Most importantly, I wanted to offer another title ‘The Unprocessed Child’ by Valerie Fitzenreiter. A mother who raised her daughter unschooling her writes on various subjects as it pertains to education and how it was handled in their home, or not handled! as Laurie was unschooled. Whether or not you agree with all or some, it’s a great peek into another way as each home is unique. If you aren’t able to get it from your library nor interlibrary loan, let me know and I would be glad to loan you my copy.

    I don’t usually reply when I have to create yet one more account but I’m drawn to your thoughts, desire to learn about and opinions on hs’ing. 😉


  6. N.Vasillis says:

    Thanks, Yo! What Roger said is so true, schools are not trying to learn what homeschools can show them. But parents who have their children in school can always learn from homeschooling parents. I know I’m learning so much.

    My essay was due today and I turned it in, but I’m not going to post it for another month. There is still so much I want to put into it.

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