Happy Book Day!

No, it’s not really book day but yesterday was the best day ever for books. I received through the mail eight books. About two weeks ago my comment about a book was picked for Powell’s books ‘Daily Dose’. I won a $60 virtual credit which I spent in less than an hour. The books I picked are:

1. The Gathering – Anne Enright (fiction)
2. Fragile Things – Neil Gaiman (a favorite of mine thanks to last year’s R.I.P. 2 challenge)
3. Nights at the Circus – Angela Carter (magic realism)
4. The Stolen Child – Keith Donohue (magic realism)
5. Betwen Trapezes – Gail Blanke (self-help)
6. Cries of the Spirit – Marilyn Sewell (poetry)
7. Courage and Craft – Barbara Abercrombie (writing)
8. The End of the Alphabet – Cs Richardson

My eighth book I received from paperbackswap. Now I just have to find some time to set aside to read.


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