The Pub Challenge

I really don’t know how I forgot to sign up for The Pub challenge, but I have. For this challenge you have to read at least eight books published in 2008. Here’s my list:

1. Other people’s love letters – Bill Shapiro
2. My mistress’ sparrow is dead – Jeffrey Eugenides, editor
3. The book of other people – Zadie Smith, editor
4. Homecoming – Bernhard Schlink
5. People of the book – Geraldine Brooks
6. The Voyage of the Short Serpent – Bernard du Boucheron
7. The Geography of Bliss – Eric Weiner
8. Teh Monsters of Templeton – Lauren Groff


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One Response to The Pub Challenge

  1. Jill says:

    I have the Brooks book on my Pub 08list too. I will be curious to read your reviews, as always!

    I saw your comment on my blog about Tom Perrotta. The Abstinence Teacher was the first book I read by him. However, I do plan on reading other books by him, based on other reviewers’ comments that the Abstinence book was not his best. I will be curious to know what you think of Little Children.

    =) Jill

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