Memoir Challenge

I’m thinking of hosting a non-fiction challenge next year. It’ll cover memoir, biography, and autobiography. The details (though not final):
* will start January 1st until December 31st
* can cross-challenge
* you pick how many books you want to read and you can change your list anytime
* have to sign up by January 1st
* I think I will have prizes, have to figure out what though
I just need a title. Someone on ANovelChallenge came up with Someone else’s shoes. Maybe.
What about “In their shoes”? I would say “In her shoes” but someone might want to read about a man. I have to figure out how to make a button.

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One Response to Memoir Challenge

  1. Athena says:

    That sounds like an interesting challenge. I do read a lot of memoirs and biographies. It’s been awhile though. I can’t help you with the title though as I’m not good with them myself. I’m going to drop by again and be one of the first to join. Cheers.

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