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I have less than fifty pages of The Book Thief left and I have to admit, I might not finish it. I’ve heard of fellow readers who don’t finish books because they don’t want the story to end. I used to think they were weird. So let me apologize: I’m sorry and I totally understand now. I don’t want the story to end. Not at all. The Book Thief is such a great book. I love every main character: Liesel, Max, Hans Huberman, Rosa Huberman, Rudy, and even Death. I’m scared the ending will be so sad for Liesel. I feel like if I don’t read the end, I’m sheltering her from even more of the bad things in the world. By not reading it I can write my own ending to her story. Don’t all readers do that though? Make their own ending to a story whether they have read it all or not?


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  1. MidwestMaven says:

    Oooh, those are the best kind of books! I’ll have to check this one out …

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