Podcasts for Bicycles by Nikki Giovanni

Podcasts for Bicycles


I loved before

I understood;

Love is a skill


I loved my Mother’s cool hands

On my forehead


I loved the safety

Of her arms

I trusted

Before I understood

The word


Mommy would say

When I had fallen:

“Come here, Nikki,

and I’ll pick you up”


and I would wipe my eyes

push myself off my fat bottom

and tottle over to her

for my reward:

a kiss and a “That’s my Big Girl!”


I am still a sucker

For that one


But I grew up

And learned

Trust and love

Are crafts we practice

Are wheels

We balance

Our lives on



We ride

Through challenges and changes


To escape and ecstasy

-from Chasing Utopia: A Hybrid by Nikki Giovanni

giovanni utopia

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