2012 National African American Read-In

Next month is the Twenty-Third National African American Read-In. The event is sponsored by the Black Caucus of the National Council of Teachers of English.Churches, schools, book clubs, and bookstores all over America will get together to read and discuss books by African Americans.  Doret from The Happy Nappy Bookseller and Edi (CrazyQuilts) came up with the great idea to host an online read-in next month.

Here’s the details:

Four books were chosen for the poll below. Readers can only vote for one book. I’ll announce the results on Monday, January 30th. That gives anyone who wants to participate enough time to grab a copy and read along with us. The read-in is set for February 22nd. Discussions questions will be posted on this blog along with Doret and Edi’s blogs. I hope you all join us for this event.

Have you read any of the books listed in the poll?  Are there any that catch your interest?

Edit: I’ve just added two more books to the poll.

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18 thoughts on “2012 National African American Read-In

  1. Thanks for posting this! I hope I can get through my other reading commitments and join you for the Read-In. I’ve already read Topdog/Underdog and A Lesson Before Dying.

  2. I’m disappointed to have to say I have read none of the books in the poll. I’ll look forward to seeing which book is chosen. I voted for A Lesson Before Dying since that is the one I have heard the most about.

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