Small Wonder

Photo by OregonDOT

The land still provides our genesis, however we might like to forget that our food comes from dank, muddy Earth, that the oxygen in our lungs was recently inside a leaf, and that every newspaper or book we may pick up is made from the hearts of trees that died for the sake of our imagined lives. What you hold in your hands right now, beneath these words, is consecrated air and time and sunlight.

-Barbara Kingsolver, from  the essay collection, Small Wonder

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8 thoughts on “Small Wonder

  1. This reminds me of a post I read about LA’s ban on plastic bags. I forgot you live in Long Beach. Have you noticed a difference? I think it is a wonderful ban and support it wholeheartedly. I hope it works it’s way across the country. How are people taking it?

    1. Hey Bree!

      They pushed the ban back to August 1st but I’m already noticing that people are starting to stock up on cloth bags. It’s good that people are taking the ban pretty well. We’ll see if the positive vibes keep going in August.

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