Sunday Salon: Happy Mother’s Day

Now That I Am Forever with Child

How the days went

while you were blooming within me

I remember each upon each-

the swelling changed planes of my body

and how you first fluttered, then jumped

and I thought it was my heart.

How the days wound down

and the turning of winter

I recall, with you growing heavy

against the wind. I thought

now her hands

are formed, and her hair

has started to curl

now he teeth are done

now she sneezes.

Then the seed opened

I bore you one morning just before spring.

My head rang like a fiery piston

my legs were towers between which

A new world was passing.

Since then

I can only distinguish

one thread within running hours

You, flowing through selves

toward You.

Audre Lorde

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13 thoughts on “Sunday Salon: Happy Mother’s Day

  1. Aw, this is great! This is my fourth mother’s day with my son and we’ll be celebrating a second one, in the works, this year! It’s certainly very cool, no matter how old our kids are, to celebrate them as our families celebrate us. Happy Mother’s Day!

  2. The title alone is gripping: forever with child. It’s so true! My boy is twenty now, and I still pray over him, worry about him, rejoice in his successes as when he was a baby. We’ll never be separated from our children in spirit, will we? Thanks for posting this poem.

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