Readathon Update #1 I’m still here!


Sigh. It’s hour #8 and I’m barely on my second book, Silver Sparrow by Tayari Jones. It’s a fabulous book with a strong main character. Instead of enjoying my read, I’ve been working behind the scenes with the prizes, cheer-leading, and working on mini-challenges. How’s everyone else doing?

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17 thoughts on “Readathon Update #1 I’m still here!

  1. You’re the queen of behind-the-scenes, AND you’re on your second book even though you’ve been working super hard. This is awesome progress, my friend.

  2. I haven’t managed to finish my FIRST book yet :-). You are doing an awesome job with this thing – hope you can get some more time to read later. Happy Readathon!

  3. I just finished Silver Sparrow (but probably will hold my review until its release date) and can’t wait to hear what you think. I thought it was really good as well, but there’s lots to discuss after reading it! :–)

  4. I haven’t finished my first book either. Too many distractions. I do appreciate all the work you gals do behind the scenes! We appreciate each one of you! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Without you all this day wouldn’t be!

  5. Vasilly, I sent you an email because I won a prize but not sure if you got it. If not shoot me an email and I can just reply to it. I must be doing something wrong with your email address. Thanks.


  6. Two, four, six,eight who do we appreciate? 9Hint; It’s you!)

    Behind the scenes work is what keep it all going, so good job and don’t sweat the page numbers. I’ve been reading all day and am only on my second book as well.

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